The Complete Carmen McRae Discgraphy

I am still working on recreating the data files from which this discography was generated and until that is done I am not able to update the content of these pages, but at least I have it back online now.

This discography has been unavailable for far too long, and I apologize for that. Many reasons have kept it from being here and available, but none of them good. So instead, I just bring it back.

I welcome your questions, comments and suggestions. You can contact me at This discography is a work in progress and any errors are likely a data entry error on my part or an error in the original source.  If you notice anything that needs to be corrected, please point them out to me as soon as possible, so that I may correct them. This discography would not be possible without the following people: Steve Albin, James Coffey, Mike Fitzgerald, Kenyon H. Gardner, Warren G. Harris, Jamie McGregor, Donald Martin, Scott Merrill, Fredd Stack, Keizo Takada, Fernando Ortiz de Urbina, Erik van der Meer, and Arild Wilderöe

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