Brian Tutorial

The purpose of this page is give a new user of Brian a step-by-step demonstration of how to get started in entering a discography. The discographical data relating to the cd of Rat Race Blues by Gigi Gryce will be entered. We'll also assume the user has downloaded the starter data folder that is available on the Brian download web page. It is possible to create a new database from scratch, but that is unnecessary work as should be evident after this tutorial.

I hope to cover all of the basic data entry situations with this tutorial but it is not comprehensive. Discographies can be complex and some situations do not have straightforward approaches. It it hoped that Brian will handle anything a discographer will encounter, but different discographers will find different ways to use Brian.

If you encounter a situation which is not easily handled by Brian, please contact us so that we can suggest a solution or so that we can consider adjusting the program to improve its capabilities. (Steve Albin or Mike Fitzgerald)

The basic approach used here is to first ensure that the basic components of a session (songs and personnel, label) exist and create them if needed. Then the session is entered followed by issues for performances of the session.

Table of Contents

Click on any section in the Table of Contents below, or use the matching Tutorial menu found on every page to navigate the tutorial. In some cases, the tutorial is not up to date with the current version of BRIAN, but in all cases there is enough information for you to piece together the important aspects of BRIAN. In a more perfect world, the tutorial would be done along with the newest release of software and beer would be free.