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Artist Discographies

All of these were generated automatically with the Brian application. Most discographies contain not only a detailed session listing, but also an index of compositions performed, an index of issues, and an index of musicians. In addition to these, over 400 leader entries are available.

Please forward any questions regarding artists to the discographer responsible for the respective discography as noted on their pages.

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Joe Hunt
The Jazztet
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Steve Kuhn
Pete LaRoca Sims
Las Vegas Discographies
Barbara Lea
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Abbey Lincoln
Joe Locke
Makanda Ken McIntyre
Carmen McRae
J. R. Monterose
Tete Montoliu
Ralph Moore
Michael Philip Mossman
Bob Mover
John Neves
Newport Youth Band
Hod O'Brien
Orchestra U.S.A.
Greg Osby
Duke Pearson
Carl Perkins
Benny Powell
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Kendra Shank
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