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The website has now entered its seventeenth year.

The NPR Curious Listener’s Guide to Jazz by Loren Schoenberg features this website (p. 258). Thank you, Loren! It gets a nice plug in the IAJRC Journal (Fall 2002, p.10). Thanks also to the kind folks at The McKinley Group, The Jazz Fan Attic, All About Jazz (6/21/98), and Links2Go for honoring this site over the years.

My book Rat Race Blues: The Musical Life of Gigi Gryce, written with Noal Cohen received the 2003 Award for Excellence from the Association for Recorded Sound Collections. I’d love to hear your comments if you have read the book.

In mid-September 2002 I did an interview broadcast on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered that can be heard here.

If you have an interest in developing an event related to Gigi Gryce - interview, lecture, booksigning, performance, radio or television spot - please let me know. We have had great experiences working with organizations, musicians, and venues to spread the word about Gryce’s music. Check here for the list of activities.

A repository for many great things musical and extra-musical wherein can be found:


Most of my discographies have moved and are now hosted at the site www.JazzDiscography.com
Exceptions are listed below.

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Notes From My 1998 Presentation At Rutgers Institute Of Jazz Studies: “Jazz On The Internet”

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