School of Jazz

Student Listing (Where Are They Now?)

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Total of 155 students over four years [according to SOJ letter but 158 by my count below]
122 accounted for by name
26 musicians and 10 auditors in 1957, 19 piano (!) [this must include some of the auditors]
34 musicians and auditors in 1958, 5 reeds, 4 tpt, 4 tbn, 4 piano, 1 vbs, 1 guitar, 2 bass, 5 drums, 1 comp
43 musicians and auditors in 1959, 5 tpt, 5 tbn, 11 piano
45 musicians and auditors in 1960,

Jamey Aebersold-asx (Indiana) 1960
The leading marketer of jazz-related educational materials in the world. Aebersold is also active as a clinician and runs summer jazz camps.

Miss E. F. Alleyne [listed as "Special Student"] (New York) 1957

Steve Anderson-p (New York) 1960

Vera Auer-vbs (Austria) 1960
Began as a classical accordionist but switched to vibes after meeting Attila Zoller. Led groups in Austria from the 1950's (members included Josef Zawinul) and was active there through the 1980's. She also is involved with a music store in Neuenkirchen.

David Baker-tbn, comp (Indiana) 1959, 1960
Professor of Music at Indiana University and co-director of the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra. After Lenox he worked in George Russell's sextet. An accident forced him to give up the trombone and he now plays cello. One of the foremost jazz educators, he has written many texts on the subject.

John Bergamo-d 1959

Walter Bernard-b 1959

Mrs. Jean Bernheim-a, [part time student] (Philadelphia, PA) 1958

Ran Blake-p (Suffield, CT) 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960
Member of the music faculty at New England Conservatory. 1988 MacArthur fellow. Recorded numerous albums.

Peter Blum-d (Massachusetts) 1960

Dave Blume-p, vbs (Fayetteville, NC) 1957
Led own big band in North Carolina. [db 3/19/59 pp. 51-52]

Ron Brown-p 1959

Nico Bunink-p 1959 (Amsterdam, Holland)
Recorded with Barney Wilen, Charles Mingus in the late 1950s-early 1960s. Continued to perform and record in Europe until his death on December 26, 2001.

Lucille Butterman-a, p (New York) 1957

Robert Cairns-g (Edmonton, Alberta) 1958

Ted Casher-tsx 1959
Still active and very much in demand as a multi-reed sideman in the Boston area, where he is somewhat of a legendary figure.

Don Cherry-tpt (California) 1959
Died in 1995 after nearly inventing the "world music" category with a career-long history of explorations. Many notable recordings and collaborations.

Paul Cohen-d (Harrisburg, PA) 1959
Currently an attorney in Los Angeles, but still plays.

Ornette Coleman-asx (California) 1959
Still a major figure on the jazz scene, Coleman was named a MacArthur fellow in 1994. Recently started the Harmolodic label and has issued several new recordings after a considerable absence. Celebrated in both New York and Paris with extensive programs.

John Conway-a, vbs (Canada) 1957

Brian Cooke-fr hn (Massachusetts) 1960
Has worked as a jazz pianist in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1967. Chet Baker Quartet 1970. Also in the 70s worked briefly with Blue Mitchell, Buddy Collette, Art Pepper. Pianist and arranger with the Bennett Friedman Big Band in San Francisco 1974-76. Recipient of NEA Fellowship Grant for jazz composition 1976. Also violist in the Berkeley Opera orchestra since 1993.

Colin Cooke-d (Bermuda) 1957

James D'Angelo-sax (New Jersey) 1960

Josť Edward Homen de Mello-b (Sao Paulo, Brazil) 1957

J. Peter Denny-a, vbs (North Carolina) 1957

Bob Dorough-p, voc, saxophone (Illinois) 1957
Recently signed with Blue Note records after a long career as a singer, pianist and composer. Some of his best known tunes include "I'm Hip" (music by pianist Dave Frishberg) and many of the selections from the Schoolhouse Rock television campaign.

Jack Duffy-a 1959

Paul Duynhower-tbn (Deventer, Holland) 1958, 1959
Attended Berklee School of Music.

John Eckert-tpt 1959
A onetime member of the American Brass Quintet, Eckert is still active as a performer, working with Toshiko Akiyoshi and others. He's on the 1981 Simon & Garfunkel Central Park reunion album.

Verne M. Elkins-a (New York) 1957

Don Ellis-tpt (New York) 1960
Always interested in new aspects of creativity in music, Ellis worked with Charles Mingus and Maynard Ferguson before attending Lenox and with George Russell's sextet after Lenox. He led a big band during the 1960's and 1970's which incorporated many diverse elements including rock sensibilities, electronic processing as well as Latin and Indian influences. He also composed scores for several movies, notably The French Connection. Ellis died in 1978.

Henry Ettman-d (Clayton, MO) 1957, 1958
Probably died in 1968.

Harry Evans 1959 [Possibly not an official student]
Brother of pianist/teacher Bill Evans.

Peter Farmer-tpt 1959
Farmer lives near Boston. He had a solid reputation as a trumpeter for many years, switched to alto in about 1987, and is currently concentrating on classical composition for large orchestra. Many of his pieces have been performed and recorded in Europe.

Norma Feuer-b (New York) 1960

Robert Flanik-p (Ohio) 1957

Sue Freeman-b (Boston, MA) 1960

Richard Fregulia-p (California) 1960

Bob Fuhlrodt-d 1959

Peter Gans-a (Chevy Chase, MD) 1958
Currently living near Seattle. During his time as an auditor he studied piano with John Lewis.

Herb Gardner-tbn, comp (Massachusetts) 1959
Active as a music educator and as a performer in the New York area.

Michael Gibbs-tbn (Southern Rhodesia) 1960
Gibbs worked with many jazz and rock artists during the 1960's and 1970's including Gary Burton, Carla Bley, John McLaughlin, Mike Mantler and Joni Mitchell. He has recorded several albums with his own jazz orchestra and continues to be active as a composer, conductor, and teacher.

Robert C. Gordon-cl, asx (Manhasset, NY) 1958

Barry Greenspon-d 1959
Owner of Drummer's World shop in NYC.

Tony Greenwald-tpt (New York) 1959
After completing his degree in behavioral science at Yale, Greenwald worked with Herb Pomeroy's big band in Boston while finishing his Ph.D. at Harvard. He is currently Professor of Psychology at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Margo Guryan-comp, p (New York) 1959, 1960
Some of her lyrics were recorded by Chris Connor and Anita O'Day. In 1961 she was secretary to Verve Records producer Creed Taylor and was married for a time to Bob Brookmeyer. Released one album "Take A Picture" in 1968 which has become a classic (this and another, "25 Demos," are available on CD). Currently teaches piano in California.

Patrick Haggerty-tsx (New York) 1957

John Harmon p (New York) 1957
Leader of the fusion big band Matrix in the 1970's.

Terry Hawkeye-d (Canada) 1957

Don Heckman-asx (New York) 1960
Heckman is currently a music writer for the Los Angeles Times and has written for many other major publications including Stereo Review.

Dale Hillary-asx (Edmonton, Alberta) 1957, 1958
Played with Philly Joe Jones as well as with the adventurous Canadian rock band "Lighthouse" around 1973.

Morris Holbrook-p (Wisconsin) 1960

Neil Hope-p (Ohio) 1957

Joe Hunt-d (Indiana) 1960
Hunt worked in George Russell's sextet and played with Bill Evans and Stan Getz, among others. He is currently on the percussion faculty at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and a member of the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra.

John Huxtable-part time student (Pittsfield, MA) 1958

Chuck Israels-b (Massachusetts) 1960
Soon after Lenox, Israels replaced Scott LaFaro in Bill Evans' trio, having worked previously with George Russell's sextet. He has played with many of the greats in jazz including Herbie Hancock, Stan Getz and J.J. Johnson. From 1973 to 1978 he was leader of the National Jazz Ensemble. Recently, Israels has written for Jazz Player magazine

Bradley Jones-tbn (Jamestown, NY) 1958

Jon Jonsson-d (Sweden) 1960

John Keyser-b (Virginia) 1959

Al Kiger-tpt (Indiana) 1959, 1960
Recorded with John Lewis, George Russell and others. Still active.

Ralph Kolin-d (Pittsburgh, PA) 1958

Steve Kuhn-p (Massachusetts) 1959
Soon after Lenox, Kuhn became the original pianist in the John Coltrane quartet before being replaced by McCoy Tyner. He has recorded many albums as a leader, notably for the ECM label in the 1970's.

David Lahm-comp, p (New York) 1959, 1960
Performs weekly in New York City at Judy's Supper Club in midtown.

Stuart Langer-d (Wisconsin) 1960

Claude Levy-tpt 1958

Peter Loeb-p (Saranac Lake, NY) 1958

Julie Lomoe-a (Wisconsin) 1957

Albert Malacara-p 1958
Still active as a player in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Steve Marcus-tsx (New Jersey) 1960
A member of Larry Coryell's group The Eleventh House in the 1970's and current leader of the Buddy Rich big band.

M. Arif Mardin-comp (Istanbul, Turkey) 1958
With the dubious distinction of being the wealthiest Lenox alumnus, Mardin is now a Grammy-winning producer/arranger and Senior Vice-President of Atlantic Records. After Lenox, he wrote and arranged music for several sessions, including John Lewis's The Wonderful World of Jazz.

John Mason-tpt (Chicago, IL) 1957, 1958
Played with Stan Kenton briefly in May 1962, also worked with Buddy DeFranco, Dexter Gordon, Howard McGhee, Kai Winding, Tony Bennett, Johnny Mathis and others. Also had careers in the education and computer industry. Currently lives in Florida.

Sandy Matthews-d (Princeton, NJ) 1958

Jon Mayer-p (New York, NY) 1958
Several new albums released in the 1990's.

Gary McFarland-vbs (Massachusetts, California) 1959, 1960
Composed and arranged music for many albums including his own on Impulse and Verve before his untimely death in 1971.

Kent McGarity-tbn, bt (Norwich, NY) 1957, 1958, 1959
Attended Eastman School of Music and recorded with Woody Herman.

David Mackay-p (Massachusetts) 1959

Harold McKinney-p (Michigan) 1960
A legend in Detroit music circles.

Doug McLaughlin-b 1959

John McLean-p (New York) 1957

James Millard-tpt (Newburgh, NY) 1958

Dr. Miles D. Miller-a (Pittsburgh, PA) 1958

James Miltenberger-a, fr hn (Ohio) 1957

J. R. Monterose-tsx (Massachusetts) 1960
Prior to Lenox, Monterose had recorded for Blue Note and worked with Kenny Dorham and others. He made several later albums and performed in upstate New York. Monterose died in 1993.

Dexter Morrill-tpt, part time student (North Adams, MA) 1957, 1958
Best known as a computer musician specializing in the synthesis of brass tones, Morrill is on the faculty of Colgate University and is involved in computer music as well as jazz there.

Paul Mowatt-p (Massachusetts) 1957

George Moyer-b [resident musician] 1958
Attended Berklee School of Music.

David Maueny-p, vbs (North Carolina) 1960

Mona Neves-b 1959
Married to bassist John Neves. They separated around this time.

John Payne-p (Wisconsin) 1960

Margot Pennell-p (New York) 1957

Lenny Popkin-asx 1959
A leading exponent of the Lennie Tristano approach to jazz, he has recorded with Connie Crothers.

Jay Pruitt-tpt (Texas) 1960
Arranger for Don Nix in 1973.

Ron Riddle-p (Ohio) 1957
Attended Antioch College. Presumed dead.

Larry Ridley-b (Indiana) 1959
Until recently a faculty member at Rutgers University in New Jersey, Ridley has worked with Slide Hampton, Freddie Hubbard, Lee Morgan, Thelonious Monk and many others. Honored at the 1998 IAJE convention.

Perry Robinson-cl (New York) 1959

Cevira A. Rose-a (New York) 1957

Edward "Dizzy Sal" Saldanha-p (Kuwait, India) 1959
Discovered by Dave Brubeck while touring India. Attended Berklee School of Music and recorded with Makanda Ken McIntyre on the album Stone Blues. Returned to India and continued in music. Died July 26, 1998.

Tupper Saussy-comp, p (Tampa, FL) 1957
Recorded one jazz album in the late 1950's and several rock albums under the name of the Neon Philharmonic in the late 1960's. Saussy wrote a book (The Miracle on Main Street) in the 1980's and is himself the subject of a biography-in-process.

Thomas Scannell-tpt, b (Massachusetts) 1957, 1958

Sanford Schmidt-p, comp (St. Louis, MO) 1958, 1959

Ken Schoeninger-b (Wisconsin) 1960

George Schutz-a (New York) 1957

William L. Sharfman-a, d (Worcester, MA) 1958, 1959

Robert L. Shepherd-a, b (Dalton, MA) 1958

Esther Siegel-a (New York) 1957

Gray Smith-vbs (Tennessee) 1960

Frederick Stare-a (Massachusetts) 1957

Don Stewart-tsx (Bloomington, IN) 1958, 1959
Recorded with John Lewis and Gary McFarland (playing basset horn).

Sture Swenson-tsx, bsx 1958, 1959
Had played baritone saxophone with Stan Kenton in late 1958 and early 1959. Died 1980.

Francis Thorne-p (New York) 1957
Recorded one album for Transition Records.

John Thorp-tbn (Benton Harbor, MI) 1957, 1958

Judson Trax-a (Stockbridge, MA) 1958
Died 1987.

Dom Turkowski-bsx (Boston, MA) 1958

Robert Ullman-a 1958

Ian Underwood-f, asx (New York) 1959
Remembered as an early member of Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention in the late 1960's, Underwood also has worked as a studio musician.

Robert Wigton-bsx, tsx (Nebraska) 1957

Bernard Wilkinson-d 1958
Played R&B and toured all over North America before retiring from music in 1967. Now a computer specialist in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dick Wright-tbn 1959

Dave Young-tsx (Indiana) 1960
Recorded with George Russell.

Michael C. Zand-vbs 1958
Living in New York City.

James Zarvis-a (Massachusetts) 1957

Earl Zindars-d (Illinois?) 1960
Wrote several compositions closely associated with Bill Evans including "How My Heart Sings," "Elsa," and "Mother of Earl" and also played percussion in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Attila Zoller-g (Hungary) 1959
Zoller was involved with performance and education, having founded the Vermont Jazz Center in 1975. He died in 1998.