1957 Concert Program


Concert by the Students and Faculty - August 29, 1957 at 8:40 P.M.


Small Ensemble, Oscar Peterson, Director

Here us is [Bob Dorough]

Jitney Jump [Bob Dorough]

Little Red Riding Hood minus the Wolf [Bob Flanik]

'Nough Said [Neil Hope]

Here us was [Bob Dorough]

Dale Hillary-Alto Sax
Bob Wigton-Baritone Sax
Henry Ettman-Drums
Bob Dorough-Piano
Neil Hope-Piano
Bob Flanik-Piano
Ralph Pena-Bass


Small Ensemble, Dizzy Gillespie, Director

Purple Sounds [Dizzy Gillespie]

Housatonic Huzzy [Fran Thorne]

Con Alma [Dizzy Gillespie]

South Wales [Ron Riddle]

Wheatleigh [Dizzy Gillespie] [probably "Wheatleigh Hall"]

Connie Kay-Drums
Percy Heath-Bass
James Miltenberger-French Horn
John Mason-Trumpet
Fran Thorne-Piano
Ron Riddle-Piano


Small Ensemble, Ray Brown, Director

Ray Brown Blues [Ray Brown]

Applesauce [John Harmon]

Bellyroll Bows [Dave Blume]

Wende [Ran Blake]

Oh, My Gosh [Dexter Morrill]

Ray Brown-Bass
Terry Hawkeye-Drums
Dexter Morrill-Trumpet
Kent McGarity-Trombone
John Harmon-Piano
Ran Blake-Piano
Dave Blume-Piano



Small Ensemble, Jimmy Giuffre, Director

Blues for the Barn [Jimmy Giuffre]

Okeefeenokee Overture [Tupper Saussy]

Round Midnight [Thelonious Monk]

Rhythm Rears Its Head [Jimmy Giuffre]

Tom Scannell-Trumpet
John Thorpe-Trombone
Jimmy Giuffre-Sax and Clarinet
Peter Denny-Vibes
Herb Ellis-Guitar
Margot Pennell-Piano
Tupper Saussy-Piano
José Edward Homen de Mello-Bass
Colin Cooke-Drums


Small Ensemble, Max Roach, Director

Cakle Hut [Owen Marshall]

Good Gravy [Teddy Edwards]

LaRue [Clifford Brown, arr. Paul Mowatt]

What is This Thing Called Love [Cole Porter]

Minor Trouble [Ray Bryant]

Pat Haggerty-Tenor Sax
John Conway-Vibes
Jim Hall-Guitar
Paul Mowatt-Piano
John McLean-Piano
Chuck Israels-Bass
Max Roach-Drums


Large Ensemble, Bill Russo, Director

Tickletoe [Lester Young]

Jig-Saw [Mulvihill, Baker, Galino, Mathieu]

Manteca [Dizzy Gillespie, arr. Bill Russo]

Pussy Willow [Bill Russo & Petan]

Picadilly Circus [Sture Swenson]

Saxophones: Dale Hillary, Pat Haggerty, Bob Wigton, Jimmy Giuffre, Bob Dorough
Trumpets: Dexter Morrill, John Mason, Tom Scannell, Dizzy Gillespie
Trombones: John Thorpe, Kent McGarity
Horn: Jim Miltenberger
Double Bass: Ray Brown
Guitar: Herb Ellis
Drums: Terry Hawkeye, Henry Ettman
Piano: Dave Blume, Fran Thorne, Tupper Saussy, and John Harmon