Noah Young Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

Generated on Sun, Oct 02, 2011

Date: ca. 1977
Label: Laughing Angel

Noah Young [aka Richard Youngstein] (ldr), Mark Whitecage (f, as), Perry Robinson (cl), Peter Loeb (ts), Bobby Naughton (vib), Andy LaVerne (ep, syn), Noah Young [aka Richard Youngstein] (b), Cleve Pozar (d)

a.     Heart Seed  (Noah Young)
b.     Breakfast  (Bobby Naughton)
c.     The Wizard  (Noah Young)
d.     Unicorn Dream  (Noah Young)
e.     Lake Taco  (Andy LaVerne)
f.     The Alchemists' Reunion  (Noah Young)
g.     Open Secret  (Noah Young)
h.     Blue Whiskers  (Noah Young)
i.     Fancy Free  (Bobby Naughton)
All titles on:      Laughing Angel LP 12": LAR 33 — Unicorn Dream   (1981)

Mark Whitecage (f) on g-h; (as) on a, g; Perry Robinson (cl) on c, f-g; Peter Loeb (ts) on e; Bobby Naughton (vib) on b, h-i; Andy LaVerne (ep) on e; (syn) on e; Cleve Pozar (d) on a-c, e, g-i.

Date unknown - reportedly c. 1977. Issue date is c. 1981.