Whit Williams Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

Generated on Sun, Oct 02, 2011

Date: September 28-30, 2004
Location: Bias Studios, Springfield, VA
Label: MAMA

Whit Williams (ldr), Gary Thomas (f, ts), Jimmy Battallata, Jimmy Kearns, Russell Kirk, Charlie Young (as), Howard Burns, Jimmy Heath (ts), Whit Williams (ts, bar), Steve Swann (bar), Eli Asher, Don Junker, Joe Palonzo, Michael Thomas (t), Jay Gibble, Slide Hampton, Bill Holmes, Richard Ore (tb), Bernie Robier (btb), Charlie Etzel (p), Earnest Barnes (b), Harold Summey, Jr. (d)

a. 01    This Is What It Is - 5:01  (Jimmy Heath) / arr: Jimmy Heath
b. 02    Una Mas (One More Time) - 5:26  (Kenny Dorham) / arr: Jimmy Heath
c. 03    I Remember Tangle - 6:07 arr: Vince Norman
d. 04    Losing Game - 7:50  (Jimmy Heath) / arr: Jimmy Heath
e. 05    Without You, No Me - 6:47  (Jimmy Heath) / arr: Jimmy Heath
f. 06    The Radiator Man Is Well - 4:25  (Whit Williams) / arr: Mat Belzer
g. 07    A Day In Vienna - 6:21  (Slide Hampton) / arr: Slide Hampton
h. 08    Diana - 4:30  (Slide Hampton) / arr: Slide Hampton
i. 09    Get Home Before Dark - 5:13  (Whit Williams) / arr: Vince Norman
j. 10    Little Rootie Tootie - 7:25  (Thelonious Monk) / arr: Slide Hampton
All titles on:      MAMA CD: MAA 1033 — The Whit Williams "Now's The Time" Big Band Featuring Slide Hampton And Jimmy Heath   (2008)

Gary Thomas (f) on b, g; Charlie Young (as) on e; Jimmy Heath (ts) on b-c; Whit Williams (ts) on c-d, g; (bar) on a-b, e; Slide Hampton (tb) on b, f-h, j.

Group known as the "Now's The Time" Big Band.

"A Day In Vienna" listed as "A Day In Copenhagen".

Specific saxophone credits unknown. Unspecified fh on c.