Richard Williams Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

Generated on Sun, Oct 02, 2011

Date: September 27, 1960
Location: Nola Penthouse Studio, New York City
Label: Candid

Richard Williams (ldr), Leo Wright (f, as), Richard Williams (t), Richard Wyands (p), Reggie Workman (b), Bobby Thomas (d)

a. a-01    I Can Dream, Can't I? - 6:09  (Sammy Fain, Irving Kahal)
b. a-02    I Remember Clifford - 6:18  (Benny Golson)
c. a-03    Ferris Wheel - 4:48  (Richard Wyands)
d. a-04    Raucous Notes - 4:43  (Richard Williams)
e. b-01    Blues In A Quandary - 4:31  (Richard Williams)
f. b-02    Over The Rainbow - 8:37  (Harold Arlen, E. Y. Harburg)
g. b-03    Renita's Bounce - 5:21  (Richard Williams)
All titles on:      Barnaby LP 12": BR 5014 — New Horn In Town   (1978)
     Candid LP 12": CJM 8003 — New Horn In Town   
     Candid CD: CCD 79003 — New Horn In Town   (1987)

Leo Wright (f) on b, e, g; (as) on a, c-d.

CD issue gives date as November 19, 1960, but Clark Terry Candid session was recorded on that date and Leo Wright was in the Netherlands with Dizzy Gillespie.