Tyrone Washington Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

Generated on Sun, Oct 02, 2011

Date: December 29, 1967
Location: Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ
Label: Blue Note

Tyrone Washington (ldr), James Spaulding (f, as), Tyrone Washington (ts), Woody Shaw (t), Kenny Barron (p), Reggie Workman (b), Joe Chambers (d)

a. 2015 (tk 4)    Ethos - 6:10  (Tyrone Washington)
b. 2016 (tk 7)    Soul Dance - 8:00  (Tyrone Washington)
c. 2017 (tk 11)    Yearning For Love - 6:25  (Tyrone Washington)
d. 2018 (tk 14)    Positive Path - 8:00  (Tyrone Washington)
e. 2019 (tk 15)    Natural Essence - 4:57  (Tyrone Washington)
f. 2020 (tk 18)    Song Of Peace - 5:05  (Tyrone Washington)
All titles on:      Blue Note LP 12": BST 84274 — Natural Essence   (1968)
     Blue Note CD: TOCJ 4274 — Natural Essence   (1997)

James Spaulding (f) on a-e; (as) on a-e; Woody Shaw (t) on a-e.

Date: August 16, 1968
Location: Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ
Label: Blue Note

Tyrone Washington (ldr), Tyrone Washington (ts), Herbie Hancock (p), Herbie Lewis (b), Jack DeJohnette (d)

a. 3087 (tk 9 or 10)    Renee  (Tyrone Washington)

Cuscuna/Ruppli 2 spells "Rene" but BMI shows above. Confirmation needed.

Four additional selections: 3085 (tk 2 or 4) "medium tempo"; 3086 (tk 6 or 8) "3/4"; 3088 (tk 11 or 12) "T"; 3089 (tk 14 or 15) "9/4"

Date: 1973
Label: Perception

Tyrone Washington (ldr), Tyrone Washington (ts), Hubert Eaves (p), Stafford James (b), Clifford Barbaro (d)

a. a-01    You Are The Sunshine Of My Life - 5:00  (Stevie Wonder)
b. a-02    Spiritual Light Of The Universe - 5:07  (Tyrone Washington)
c. a-03    Roots - 5:00  (Tyrone Washington)
d. a-04    Submission [aka To The East Side Rock] - 4:45  (Tyrone Washington)
e. b-01    War Is Not For Men - 6:00  (Tyrone Washington)
f. b-02    You Don't Know What Love Is - 7:00  (Don Raye, Gene DePaul)
g. b-03    1980 - 7:20  (Tyrone Washington)
All titles on:      Perception LP 12": PLP 40 — Roots   (1973)

LP issue gives no recording date - 1973 is issue date.

Date: April 17 & 18, 1974
Location: Sound Ideas Studios, New York City
Label: Blue Labor

Tyrone Washington (ldr), Rene McLean (pic, f, as, ts, per), Clarence Thomas (f, ss, ts, per), Tyrone Washington (f, as, ts, org, bgo, cga, per, v), Bill Nichols (g), Hubert Eaves (p, ep), James 'Fish' Benjamin (eb), Idris Muhammad (d)

a. a-01    Do Right - 3:48  (Tyrone Washington)
b. a-02    Brother Man - 5:17  (Tyrone Washington)
c. a-03    Loving Day - 3:43  (Tyrone Washington)
d. a-04    Paradise - 5:48  (Tyrone Washington)
e. b-01    Land Of Eternity - 5:15  (Tyrone Washington)
f. b-02    What Is A Wife? - 3:18  (Tyrone Washington)
g. b-03    Be For Real - 3:44  (Tyrone Washington)
h. b-04    Universal Spiritual Revolt - 6:30  (Tyrone Washington)
All titles on:      Blue Labor LP 12": BL 102 — Do Right   

Rene McLean (pic) on d, h; (f) on d, h; (as) on a-e, h; (ts) on f; (per) on a-b, e, h; Clarence Thomas (f) on d, h; (ss) on a-e; (ts) on f, h; (per) on b, e, h; Tyrone Washington (f) on b, h; (as) on f; (ts) on a-e, g-h; (org) on f; (bgo) on a, f; (cga) on a, h; (per) on a-b, e; (v) on a, c, f, h; Hubert Eaves (p) on c, g-h; (ep) on a-b, d-h.

Washington listed as playing chimes on h. - clarification needed. Washington plays ratchet on e.