Collin Walcott Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

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Date: March 1975
Location: Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg, Germany
Label: ECM

Collin Walcott (ldr), John Abercrombie (g), Collin Walcott (sit, tbl), Dave Holland (b), Jack DeJohnette (d)

a. a-01    Margueritte - 8:32  (Collin Walcott)
b. a-02    Prancing - 3:24  (Collin Walcott)
c. a-03    Night Glider - 6:40  (Collin Walcott)
d. a-04    Scimitar - 2:46  (John Abercrombie, Collin Walcott)
e. b-01    Vedana - 7:00  (Dave Holland)
f. b-02    Eastern Song - 2:34  (Collin Walcott)
g. b-03    Padma - 2:47  (John Abercrombie, Collin Walcott)
h. b-04    Cloud Dance - 5:47  (Collin Walcott)
All titles on:      ECM LP 12": 1062 — Cloud Dance   (1976)
     ECM CD: 825 469-2 — Cloud Dance   

Date: January 19, 1976
Location: Village Gate, New York City
Label: [radio broadcast]

Gateway, Steve Kuhn, Ralph Towner, Collin Walcott (ldr), John Abercrombie, Ralph Towner (acg), Steve Kuhn (p), Dave Holland (b), Jack DeJohnette (d), Collin Walcott (per)

a. I - 01    Nardis  (Miles Davis)
b. I - 02    1 x 6  (Ralph Towner)
c. II - 02    Life's Backward Glance  (Steve Kuhn)
d. II - 03    Trance  (Steve Kuhn)
e. III - 01    Improvisation  (collective improvisation)
f. IV - 01    Improvisation  (collective improvisation)
g. V - 01    Night Glider  (Collin Walcott)
h. V - 02    Margueritte  (Collin Walcott)
i. VI - 01    Improvisation  (collective improvisation)
j. VI - 02    Improvisation  (collective improvisation)

Gateway (ldr) on i-j; Steve Kuhn (ldr) on c-d; (p) on c-d; Ralph Towner (ldr) on a-b; (acg) on a-b, e-f; Collin Walcott (ldr) on g-h; (per) on f-h; John Abercrombie (acg) on e-j; Dave Holland (b) on i-j; Jack DeJohnette (d) on i-j.

Additional unknown selections: II - 01, and II - 04 listed as "Tribute to 1976."

Date: February 1977
Location: Talent Studio, Oslo, Norway
Label: ECM

Collin Walcott (ldr), Don Cherry (wf, c, dng), John Abercrombie (g, man), Collin Walcott (sit, tbl), Palle Danielsson (b), Dom Um Romão (ber, per)

a. a-01    Song Of The Morrow - 9:15  (Collin Walcott)
b. a-02    Gold Sun - 7:03  (Don Cherry, Collin Walcott)
c. a-03    The Swarm - 6:07  (Collin Walcott)
d. a-04    Mountain Morning - 1:56  (collective improvisation)
e. b-01    Jewel Ornament - 5:01  (Don Cherry, John Abercrombie, Collin Walcott)
f. b-02    Grazing Dreams - 6:50  (Collin Walcott)
g. b-03    Samba Tala - 1:30  (Dom Um Romão, Collin Walcott)
h. b-04    Moon Lake - 8:25  (collective improvisation)
All titles on:      ECM LP 12": ECM-1-1096 — Grazing Dreams   (1977)
     ECM CD: 827 866-2 — Grazing Dreams   

a, b, c, d performed as medley.

Don Cherry (wf) on a-f, h; (c) on a-f, h; (dng) on a-f, h; John Abercrombie (g) on a-f, h; (man) on a-f, h; Collin Walcott (sit) on a-f, h; Palle Danielsson (b) on a-d, f, h; Dom Um Romão (ber) on a-d, f, h; (per) on a-d, f-h.

a, b, c, d comprise a suite entitled "Changeless Faith".