Charles Sullivan Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

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Date: June 1974
Location: Sound Ideas, New York City
Label: Strata-East

Charles Sullivan [aka Kamau Adilifu] (ldr), Sonny Fortune (as), Charles Sullivan [aka Kamau Adilifu] (t), Stanley Cowell, Onaje Allan Gumbs (p), Alex Blake (b), Billy Hart (d), Lawrence Killian (cga, per), Dee Dee Bridgewater (v)

a. a-01    Evening Song - 8:22  (Charles Sullivan)
b. a-02    Good-bye Sweet John - 5:50  (Charles Sullivan)
c. b-01    Now I'll Sleep - 4:32  (Charles Sullivan)
d. b-02    Genesis - 17:27  (Charles Sullivan)
All titles on:      Inner City LP 12": IC 1012 — Genesis   (1976)

Sonny Fortune (as) on a, c-d; Stanley Cowell (p) on a, c-d; Onaje Allan Gumbs (p) on b; Alex Blake (b) on a, c-d; Billy Hart (d) on a, c-d; Lawrence Killian (cga) on a, c-d; (per) on a, c-d; Dee Dee Bridgewater (v) on c.

Date: July 1974
Location: Minot Sound, White Plains, NY
Label: Strata-East

Charles Sullivan [aka Kamau Adilifu] (ldr), Charles Sullivan [aka Kamau Adilifu] (t, fh), Sharon Freeman (ep), Anthony Jackson (eb), Alphonse Mouzon (d)

a. a-03    Field Holler - 3:51  (Charles Sullivan)
     Inner City LP 12": IC 1012 — Genesis   (1976)

Date: August 17, 1976
Label: Why Not

Charles Sullivan [aka Kamau Adilifu] (ldr), Rene McLean (as, ts), Charles Sullivan [aka Kamau Adilifu] (t), Kenny Barron (p), Buster Williams (b), Billy Hart (d)

a. 01    Re-entry  (Charles Sullivan)
b. 02    Body And Soul  (Johnny Green, Edward Heyman, Robert Sour, Frank Eyton)
c. 03    Carefree  (Charles Sullivan)
d. 04    Waltz For Cricket  (Charles Sullivan)
e. 05    Mabe's Way  (Charles Sullivan)
All titles on:      Why Not LP 12": PA 7152 — Re-entry   

Rene McLean (as) on a-b; (ts) on a-b.

Date: November 17 & 18, 1995
Location: EastSide Sound, New York City
Label: Arabesque

Charles Sullivan [aka Kamau Adilifu] (ldr), Craig Handy (ss, ts), Charles Sullivan [aka Kamau Adilifu] (t, fh), Kenny Barron (p), Rodney Whitaker (b), Victor Lewis (d)

a. 01    Carefree - 11:06  (Charles Sullivan)
b. 02    Dreams Die Young In The Eyes Of The Native Son - 11:56  (Charles Sullivan)
c. 03    Malcolm - 9:32  (Charles Sullivan)
d. 04    Patrice - 12:16  (Charles Sullivan)
e. 05    Last Embrace - 5:37  (Charles Sullivan)
f. 06    Looking For Love - 9:57  (Charles Sullivan)
All titles on:      Arabesque CD: AJ 0121 — Kamau   (1996)