Ollie Shearer Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

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Date: January 21, 1960
Location: New York City
Label: Columbia

Ollie Shearer (ldr), Bill Barron (f, ts), Jackie McLean (as), Pepper Adams (bar), Buck Clayton (t), Kiane Zawadi (eu), Ollie Shearer (vib, per), Kenny Burrell (g), Tommy Flanagan (p), Doug Watkins (b), Elvin Jones (d)

a. CO64668 (part 1)   fs This Land - 0:07  (Ollie Shearer)
b. CO64668 (part 1)    This Land - 5:03  (Ollie Shearer)
c. CO64668 (part 1)   fs This Land - 0:07  (Ollie Shearer)
d. CO64668 (part 1)   fs This Land - 0:10  (Ollie Shearer)
e. CO64668 (part 1)    This Land - 5:24  (Ollie Shearer)
f. CO64668 (part 1)   inc This Land - 2:37  (Ollie Shearer)
g. CO64668 (part 1)   inc This Land - 1:40  (Ollie Shearer)
h. CO64668 (part 1)    This Land - 4:27  (Ollie Shearer)
i. CO64668 (part 1)    This Land - 0:15  (Ollie Shearer)
j. CO64668 (part 1)    This Land - 0:16  (Ollie Shearer)
k. CO64669 (part 2)   fs This Land - 0:05  (Ollie Shearer)
l. CO64669 (part 2)    This Land - 6:29  (Ollie Shearer)
m. CO64669 (part 2)   inc This Land - 0:55  (Ollie Shearer)
n. CO64669 (part 2)    This Land - 5:42  (Ollie Shearer)
o. CO64669 (part 2)   fs This Land - 0:07  (Ollie Shearer)
p. CO64669 (part 2)   inc This Land - 0:34  (Ollie Shearer)
q. CO64669 (part 2)    This Land - 5:48  (Ollie Shearer)
r.     Shed Some Light - 1:55
s.     Shed Some Light - 3:17
t.     Shed Some Light
u.     Shed Some Light

Jackie McLean (as) on a-j, r-u; Buck Clayton (t) on a-j, r-u; Kenny Burrell (g) on a-j, r-u.

Details on timings from Gary Carner's 1989 master's thesis on Pepper Adams. Carner auditioned acetate recording of this unissued session.

Date: July 6, 1960
Location: New York City
Label: Columbia

Ollie Shearer (ldr), Pepper Adams (bar), Freddie Hubbard (t), Urbie Green (tb), Bobby Timmons (p), Henry Grimes (b), Lex Humphries (d), Ollie Shearer (v)

a. CO64989    After Hours [lyric version] - 2:07  (Avery Parrish, Jon Hendricks)
b. CO64990    Stuffy - 3:07  (Coleman Hawkins, Sir Charles Thompson)
c. CO64991    Sleep Baby - 4:19  (Ollie Shearer)

Timings based on Gary Carner's audition of an acetate recording. a. and c. timings may be reversed. Carner reports that additional takes make have been recorded (but these were not available to him).