Benny Reid Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

Generated on Sun, Oct 02, 2011

Date: 2007
Location: Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn, NY
Label: Concord

Benny Reid (ldr), Benny Reid (as, syn, v), Richard Padron (g), Aaron Goldberg (p, ep), Reuben Rogers (b), Antonio Sanchez (d), Ryan Fitch (per), Jeff Taylor (v)

a. 01    Destiny? - 8:51  (Benny Reid)
b. 02    Transient Melody - 9:36  (Benny Reid)
c. 03    Findings: A Quest For Peace - 7:58  (Benny Reid)
d. 04    Waves Of Red - 7:46  (Benny Reid)
e. 05    Dancing With My Father - 9:22  (Benny Reid)
f. 06    Legend - 9:28  (Benny Reid)
All titles on:      Concord CD: CCD 30051-2 — Findings   (2007)

Ryan Fitch (per) on a, e; Benny Reid (v) on b, d.

CD issue gives no recording date - 2007 is issue date.