Aurell Ray Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

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Date: January 8-10, 1997
Location: Sound On Sound, New York City
Label: Seven Venues

Aurell Ray (ldr), Teodross Avery (ts), Cecilia Smith (vib), Aurell Ray (acg, 12g), Mulgrew Miller, Erwin Stuckey (p), Renee Rosnes (p, syn), Greg Francisco (syn), Jimmy Anderson, Peter Washington (b), Melvin Broach, Gregory Hutchinson (d), Cyro Baptista (per)

a. 01    When Love Has Grown - 5:35  (Donny Hathaway, Eugene B. McDaniels) / arr: Aurell Ray
b. 02    Smile And Smile Again - 7:42  (Aurell Ray) / arr: Aurell Ray
c. 03    Sky Dive - 8:47  (Freddie Hubbard) / arr: Aurell Ray
d. 04    Solstice - 6:35  (Branford Marsalis) / arr: Aurell Ray
e. 05    Skyler's Mischief - 7:50  (Aurell Ray) / arr: Aurell Ray
f. 06    Joy Unbound - 6:05  (Aurell Ray) / arr: Aurell Ray
g. 07    If - 5:30  (Joe Henderson) / arr: Aurell Ray
h. 08    Superconductor - 5:02  (Aurell Ray) / arr: Aurell Ray
i. 09    Justin's Mood Swing - 4:53  (Aurell Ray) / arr: Aurell Ray
All titles on:      Seven Venues CD: CD 1001 — Smile And Smile Again   (1997)

Teodross Avery (ts) on e, g; Cecilia Smith (vib) on c; Aurell Ray (acg) on a-c, e, h; (12g) on d, f-g, i; Mulgrew Miller (p) on a, c, e-h; Renee Rosnes (p) on b, d; (syn) on b; Erwin Stuckey (p) on i; Greg Francisco (syn) on h; Jimmy Anderson (b) on i; Peter Washington (b) on a-h; Melvin Broach (d) on i; Gregory Hutchinson (d) on a-h; Cyro Baptista (per) on b.

Greg Francisco on back cover, Greg Fransico in liner notes.