Bobby Pierce Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

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Date: April 6, 1972
Location: RCA Studios, New York City
Label: Cobblestone

Bobby Pierce (ldr), Bobby Jones (ts), Pat Martino (g), Bobby Pierce (org, v), Bob Cranshaw (eb), Roy Brooks (d)

a. a-01    Think  (Aretha Franklin, Ted White)
b. a-02    Here, There And Everywhere  (John Lennon, Paul McCartney)
c. a-03    I Remember Ray  (Bobby Pierce)
d. b-01    Mr. P. C.  (John Coltrane)
e. b-02    Wichita Lineman  (Jimmy Webb)
f. b-03    To Newport With Love  (Bobby Pierce)
All titles on:      Cobblestone LP 12": CST 9016 — Introducing Bobby Pierce   (1972)
     Muse LP 12": MR 5304 — Piercing   (1972)

Bob Cranshaw (eb) on b, e; Bobby Pierce (v) on b, e.

Date: November 13, 1973
Location: RCA Studios, New York City
Label: Muse

Bobby Pierce (ldr), Frank Strozier (f, as), Billy Mitchell (ss, ts), Bobby Alston (t), Ted Dunbar (g), Bobby Pierce (ep, cel, org, v), Bob Cranshaw (eb), Freddie Waits (d)

a. a-01    New York - 4:28  (Bobby Pierce) / arr: Bobby Alston
b. a-02    Children Are The Creator's Messenger - 9:16  (Bobby Pierce) / arr: Bobby Alston
c. a-03    Hurray For The Children - 1:58  (Bobby Pierce) / arr: Bobby Alston
d. b-01    Too High - 5:18  (Stevie Wonder) / arr: Bobby Alston
e. b-02    Sleep Baby - 5:04  (Bobby Pierce) / arr: Bobby Alston
f. b-03    Minority - 8:57  (Gigi Gryce) / arr: Bobby Alston
All titles on:      Muse LP 12": MR 5030 — New York   (1974)

Date: July 6-8, 2002
Location: Pasadena, CA
Label: [private recording]

Bobby Pierce (ldr), Bobby Pierce (p), Henry Franklin (b), Carl Burnett (d)

a. 01    John Brown's Body - 10:11  (Traditional)
b. 02    Delilah - 6:49  (Victor Young)
c. 03    Lil' Darlin' - 5:34  (Neal Hefti)
d. 04    Love For Sale - 7:09  (Cole Porter)
e. 05    When I Fall In Love - 6:22  (Victor Young, Edward Heyman)
f. 06    On Green Dolphin Street - 7:55  (Bronislau Kaper, Ned Washington)
g. 07    Blues For Gene - 4:47  (Bobby Pierce)
All titles on:      BP Records CD: 2 — Three More Sounds - A Musical Tribute To Gene Harris