Jimmy Mosher Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

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Date: May and September 1981
Location: Mad Hatter Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Label: Discovery

Jimmy Mosher (ldr), Jimmy Mosher (as), Tom Ranier (p), Joel DiBartolo (b), Peter Donald (d)

a. a-01    Quasimodo - 5:10  (Charlie Parker)
b. a-02    You Know I Care - 7:45  (Duke Pearson)
c. a-03    Blue Walls - 7:15  (Charlie Mariano)
d. b-01    Gramps Prance - 4:13  (Jimmy Mosher)
e. b-02    Miss Krissy - 7:06  (Gregory J. Hopkins)
f. b-03    A Chick From Chelsea - 9:45  (Jimmy Mosher)
All titles on:      Discovery LP 12": DS 860 — A Chick From Chelsea   (1982)

Date: March 30, 1982
Location: Berklee Performance Center, Boston, MA
Label: Berklee

Jimmy Mosher (ldr), Jimmy Mosher (as, con)

a. a-01    Children Of The Night  (Wayne Shorter)
b. a-02    Falling Grace  (Steve Swallow)
c. a-03    The Sidewinder  (Lee Morgan)
All titles on:      Berklee LP 12": 2 JBFB — Berklee College Of Music Presents The Jazz Beat   (1984)

Additional personnel (big band) unknown.

Composers need confirmation.

Date: January 1984
Location: Fingers On Fire, Granada Hills, CA
Label: ITI

Jimmy Mosher (ldr), Jimmy Mosher (f, as), Mick Goodrick (g), Tom Ranier (p), Joel DiBartolo (b), Peter Donald (d)

a. a-01    Bolivia - 5:20  (Cedar Walton)
b. a-02    No Boundaries - 5:03  (Tom Ranier)
c. a-03    Peau Douce - 4:49  (Steve Swallow)
d. a-04    Bud Powell - 5:46  (Chick Corea)
e. b-01    Pagliacci - 4:45  (Ruggero Leoncavallo)
f. b-02    The Bad And The Beautiful - 5:31  (David Raksin, Dory Langdon Previn)
g. b-03    J. M. To C. M. - 5:05  (Jimmy Mosher)
h. b-04    This Nearly Was Mine - 4:52  (Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II)
All titles on:      ITI LP 12": JL 015 — Satyric Horn   (1984)

Jimmy Mosher (f) on c; (as) on a-b, d-h; Mick Goodrick (g) on a-e, g-h; Joel DiBartolo (b) on a-e, g-h; Peter Donald (d) on a-e, g-h.