Jill McManus Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

Generated on Sun, Oct 02, 2011

Date: March 1983
Location: New York City
Label: Concord

Jill McManus (ldr), Dave Liebman (af, ss), Tom Harrell (t, fh), Jill McManus (p), Marc Johnson (b), Billy Hart (d), Louise Mofsie, Alan Star (per)

a. a-01    Corn Dance - 7:12  (Gillian C. McManus)
b. a-02    Cloud Blessing - 6:53  (Gillian C. McManus)
c. a-03    Symbols Of Hopi - 5:10  (Gillian C. McManus)
d. b-01    All The Earth To Bloom - 4:40  (Gillian C. McManus)
e. b-02    From The Four Directions - 4:12  (Gillian C. McManus)
f. b-03    Inner Spirit Dance - 3:30  (Gillian C. McManus)
g. b-04    Acoma - 4:36  (Gillian C. McManus)
All titles on:      Concord LP 12": CJ 242 — Symbols Of Hopi   (1984)

Louise Mofsie plays cottonwood drum and rattles. Alan Star plays bells and rattles.