Victor Lewis Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

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Date: April 3, 1992
Label: Red

Victor Lewis (ldr), Seamus Blake (ts), Eddie Henderson (t), Edward Simon (p), Christian McBride (b), Victor Lewis (d)

a. 01    Know It Today, Know It Tomorrow  (Victor Lewis)
b. 02    Hey, It's Me You're Talking To  (Victor Lewis)
c. 03    The Loss Of A Moment  (Victor Lewis)
d. 04    Swamp Dog  (Dave Stryker)
e. 05    For Those Who Didn't Know  (Victor Lewis)
f. 06    The Truce  (Victor Lewis)
g. 07    Gotta Start Somewhere  (Seamus Blake)
h. 08    Between Two Worlds  (Victor Lewis)
i. 09    If You Only Knew Me  (Pamela Watson)
All titles on:      Red CD: 123 255-2 — Know It Today, Know It Tomorrow   

Victor Lewis (ldr) on a-c, e-i; (d) on a-c, e-i; Seamus Blake (ts) on a-c, e-i; Eddie Henderson (t) on b, f, h; Edward Simon (p) on a-c, e-i; Christian McBride (b) on a-c, e-i.

Henderson appears on one additional selection - details needed.

Date: April 11 & 12, 1992
Location: New York City
Label: AudioQuest

Victor Lewis (ldr), John Stubblefield (ss, ts), Victor Lewis (p, d, v), Edward Simon (p), Cecil McBee (b), Don Alias, Jumma Santos (per), Raymond Cruz, Yvonne Hatchett, Michael L. Moses, Shani Phillpotts, Melissa A. Thomas, Bobby Watson, Pamela Watson (v)

a. 01    Family Portrait - 8:29  (Victor Lewis)
b. 02    Lil' Sis - 9:54  (Victor Lewis)
c. 03    Relentless Desire - 6:09  (Victor Lewis)
d. 04    A Mis Padres - 6:44  (Victor Lewis)
e. 05    Tuda Muda - 7:45  (Steve Slagle)
f. 06    Bella Y Cosima - 6:58  (Victor Lewis)
g. 07    At A Suggestion From Mr. Peter - 11:37  (Victor Lewis)
h. 08    And So On...Forever - 1:08  (Victor Lewis)
All titles on:      AudioQuest CD: AQCD 1010 — Family Portrait   (1992)

John Stubblefield (ss) on a-g; (ts) on a-g; Victor Lewis (p) on h; (d) on a-g; (v) on a, d; Edward Simon (p) on a-g; Cecil McBee (b) on a-g; Don Alias (per) on a-g; Jumma Santos (per) on a-g; Raymond Cruz (v) on a, f; Yvonne Hatchett (v) on f; Michael L. Moses (v) on f; Shani Phillpotts (v) on f; Melissa A. Thomas (v) on f; Bobby Watson (v) on a; Pamela Watson (v) on a, d, f.

Date: June 3, 1996
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Label: Red

Victor Lewis (ldr), Steve Wilson (ss, as), Seamus Blake (ts), Terell Stafford (t, fh), Ed Howard (b), Victor Lewis (d)

a. 01    Complex Dialog - 7:18  (Victor Lewis)
b. 02    He's More Good Than Bad - 4:30  (Victor Lewis)
c. 03    The Cloisters - 5:26  (Victor Lewis)
d. 04    Truth In Lies - 8:36  (Victor Lewis)
e. 05    The Roamer - 7:39  (Victor Lewis)
f. 06    Another Angel - 5:10  (Victor Lewis)
g. 07    Tri-Domainal - 5:08  (Victor Lewis)
h. 08    Tempo In Time - 4:20  (Victor Lewis)
i. 09    The Shaw Of Newark - 4:10  (Victor Lewis)
j. 10    With Dignity - 3:16  (Victor Lewis)
All titles on:      Red CD: 123 276-2 — Three Way Conversations   (1998)

Steve Wilson (ss) on e; (as) on f; Seamus Blake (ts) on a-b, d, h, j; Terell Stafford (t) on g, i-j; (fh) on c.

Date: June 24, 1996
Label: Red

Jerry Bergonzi, Victor Lewis, Bobby Watson (ldr), Bobby Watson (as), Jerry Bergonzi (ts), Kenny Barron (p), David Finck, Curtis Lundy (b), Victor Lewis (d)

a. 01    Out House - 4:03  (Jerry Bergonzi)
b. 02    De Voyeur A Voyeur - 7:56  (Victor Lewis)
c. 03    Look At You - 4:45  (David Finck)
d. 04    Neptunian Verses - 11:51  (Jerry Bergonzi)
e. 05    That's All Folks!!! - 7:44  (Bobby Watson)
f. 06    New York Attitude - 6:24  (Kenny Barron)
g. 07    Out Of The Frying Pan - 6:11  (Bobby Watson)
h. 08    Free Movement - 6:00  (Curtis Lundy)
i. 09    Those Who Get From Having Not - 4:28  (Victor Lewis)
All titles on:      Red CD: 123 275 — Together Again For The First Time   (1998)

David Finck (b) on a-d, f, i; Curtis Lundy (b) on e.

Date: July 21 & 22, 1996
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Label: Enja

Victor Lewis (ldr), Seamus Blake (ss, ts), Terell Stafford (t, fh), Stephen Scott (p), Ed Howard (b), Victor Lewis (d, v), Don Alias (per)

a. 01    Eeeyyess! - 5:58  (Victor Lewis)
b. 02    Vulnerability - 6:34  (Victor Lewis)
c. 03    Un-Til - 11:59  (Victor Lewis)
d. 04    Buttercups - 3:55  (Victor Lewis)
e. 05    Alter Ego - 6:55  (James Williams)
f. 06    No More Misunderstandings - 5:18  (Stephen Scott)
g. 07    Stamina - 8:36  (Victor Lewis)
h. 08    Here's To...You Babe - 6:50  (Victor Lewis)
i. 09    Shakehandre - 0:36  (Victor Lewis)
All titles on:      Enja CD: ENJ 9311-2 — Eeeyyess!   (1997)

Seamus Blake (ss) on a-h; (ts) on a-h; Terell Stafford (t) on a-h; (fh) on a-h; Stephen Scott (p) on a-h; Ed Howard (b) on a-h; Victor Lewis (v) on h.

Date: November 5, 1999
Location: Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany
Label: [private recording]

Victor Lewis (ldr), Seamus Blake (ts), Terell Stafford (t), Stephen Scott (p), Ed Howard (b), Victor Lewis (d)

a. 01    Dex Mex - 10:05  (Victor Lewis)
b. 02    Vulnerability - 13:12  (Victor Lewis)
c. 03    Gotta Start Somewhere - 10:51  (Seamus Blake)
d. 04    The Cloisters - 7:18  (Victor Lewis)
e. 05    Why Not - 12:41  (George Cables)