Reggie Johnson Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

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Date: September 16, 1983
Location: home of Bill Kirchner, Riverdale, NY
Label: [private recording]

Marc Copland [Cohen], Reggie Johnson, Bill Kirchner (ldr), Bill Kirchner (ss, ts), Marc Copland [Cohen] (p), Reggie Johnson (b)

a. 01    If I Should Lose You  (Leo Robin, Ralph Rainger)
b. 02    I Never Told You  (Johnny Mandel, Arthur Hamilton)
c. 03    Streams  (Marc Copland [Cohen])
d. 04    Lester Left Town  (Wayne Shorter)
e. 05    Leaving  (Kent Glenn)

Bill Kirchner (ss) on b, e; (ts) on a, c-d.

Date: September 6 & 7, 1984
Location: Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ
Label: The Jeremiah Robinson Company

Reggie Johnson (ldr), Bill Kirchner (f, cl, ss, as, ts), Danny Hayes (t, fh), Marc Copland [Cohen] (p), Reggie Johnson (b), Terri Lyne Carrington (d), Ronnie Wells (v)

a. a-01    Everything I Love - 4:19  (Cole Porter) / arr: Don Sickler
b. a-02    Summersong - 5:26  (Fred Hersch) / arr: Don Sickler
c. a-03    Laverne Walk - 5:13  (Oscar Pettiford) / arr: Don Sickler
d. a-04    Close Enough For Love - 5:24  (Johnny Mandel, Paul Williams) / arr: Don Sickler
e. b-01    Flashback - 5:15  (Art Farmer) / arr: Don Sickler
f. b-02    Who Cares - 5:00  (George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin) / arr: Don Sickler
g. b-03    Passos - 4:05  (Fritz Pauer) / arr: Don Sickler
h. b-04    Balloons - 5:50  (John Jennings) / arr: Don Sickler
All titles on:      The Jeremiah Robinson Company LP 12": 19,000 — First Edition   (1985)

Bill Kirchner (f) on c, h; (cl) on d; (ss) on b, e; (as) on a, f; (ts) on g; Danny Hayes (t) on a-c, e-f; (fh) on g-h; Ronnie Wells (v) on a, d, h.

LP issue gives no recording date. Correct date from Bill Kirchner.