Jazz Warriors Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

Generated on Sun, Oct 02, 2011

Date: March 13 & 14, 1987
Location: Shaw Theatre, London, UK
Label: Antilles

Jazz Warriors (ldr), Philip Bent (pic, f), Jeff Gordon (f, ss, as), Courtney Pine (f, scl, bcl, ss, ts), Andy Harewood (cl, bar), Ray Carless (ss, ts), Brian Edwards (ss, as), Harry Beckett, Claude Deppa, Kevin Robinson (t, fh), Trevor Edwards, Robin Walker (tb), Andy Grappy (tu), Orphy Robinson (vib, mar), Alan Weekes (g), Adrian Reid (p), Gary Crosby, Val Maniks (b), Mark Mond├ęsir (d), Mamadi Kamara (per), Cleveland Watkiss (v, spk)

a. a-01    Warriors - 3:01  (Courtney Pine)
b. a-02    In Reference To Our Forefathers' Fathers' Dreams - 8:16  (Courtney Pine)
c. a-03    Minor Groove - 11:19  (Fayez Virji)
d. b-01    Saint Maurice (Of Aragon) - 4:52  (Courtney Pine)
e. b-02    Many Pauses - 16:24  (Harry Beckett)
All titles on:      Antilles/New Directions LP 12": 7 90681-1 — Out Of Many, One People   (1987)

Cleveland Watkiss (spk) on b.