Dick Hafer Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

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Date: December 2 & 3, 1991
Location: Sage & Sound Studio, Hollywood, CA
Label: Progressive

Dick Hafer (ldr), Dick Hafer (ts), Johnny Varro (p), Jennifer Leitham (b), Gene Estes (d)

a. 01    Love Nest  (Otto Harbach, Louis Hirsch)
b. 02    Sweet And Lovely  (Gus Arnheim, Jules Lemare, Harry Tobias)
c. 03    High On You  (Al Cohn)
d. 04    In A Sentimental Mood  (Duke Ellington, Manny Kurtz, Irving Mills)
e. 05    Lullaby In Rhythm  (Edgar Sampson, Walter Hirsch, Clarence Prift, Benny Goodman)
f. 06    Three Bop  (Bob Enevoldsen)
g. 07    The Man I Love  (George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin)
h. 08    Forever After  (Gene Estes)
i. 09    Sophisticated Lady  (Duke Ellington, Mitchell Parish, Irving Mills)
j. 10    Scrapple From The Apple  (Charlie Parker)
k. 11    If Dreams Come True  (Edgar Sampson, Benny Goodman, Irving Mills)
l. 12    Just You, Just Me  (Jesse Greer, Raymond Klages)
All titles on:      Progressive CD: PRCH 7094 — In A Sentimental Mood   (1996)

Jennifer Leitham known as John Leitham prior to 2001.

Date: February 28 and March 1, 1994
Location: Sage & Sound Studio, Hollywood, CA
Label: Fresh Sound

Dick Hafer (ldr), Dick Hafer (ts), Ross Tompkins (p), Dave Carpenter (b), Jake Hanna (d)

a. 01    Three Little Words - 5:30  (Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby)
b. 02    Sometimes I'm Happy - 6:31  (Vincent Youmans, Irving Caesar)
c. 03    What Is This Thing Called Love - 5:01  (Cole Porter)
d. 04    Stompin' At The Savoy - 7:13  (Edgar Sampson, Chick Webb, Benny Goodman)
e. 05    Blue And Sentimental - 4:54  (Count Basie, Jerry Livingston, Mack David)
f. 06    I've Found A New Baby - 4:52  (Jack Palmer, Spencer Williams)
g. 07    Sweet And Lovely - 7:20  (Gus Arnheim, Jules Lemare, Harry Tobias)
h. 08    High On You - 5:33  (Al Cohn)
i. 09    Moten Swing - 6:29  (Benny Moten, Buster Moten)
j. 10    Rosetta - 4:43  (Earl Hines, Henri Woode)
k. 11    Just You, Just Me - 4:38  (Jesse Greer, Raymond Klages)
l. 12    Zoot Case - 4:53  (John Haley 'Zoot' Sims)
All titles on:      Fresh Sound CD: FSR 5002 CD — Prez Impressions   (1994)