Gallery Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

Generated on Sun, Oct 02, 2011

Date: May 1981
Location: Sound Ideas, New York City
Label: ECM

Gallery (ldr), Paul McCandless (ob, enh, ss), Dave Samuels (vib, mar), Ratzo Harris (b), Michael DiPasqua (d, per), David Darling (vc)

a. a-01    Soaring - 7:30  (Dave Samuels)
b. a-02    Prelude - 0:44  (Dave Samuels)
c. a-03    Lost Game - 8:09  (Michael DiPasqua)
d. a-04    Painting - 4:22  (Michael DiPasqua)
e. b-01    Pale Sun - 7:17  (Paul McCandless)
f. b-02    Egret - 8:31  (Glenn L. Cronkhite)
g. b-03    Night Rain - 6:33  (Dave Samuels)
All titles on:      ECM LP 12": 1206 — Gallery   (1982)

LP issue credits "Painting" to M. Eicher/Gallery but BMI database credits to DiPasqua.