Chuck Foster Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

Generated on Sun, Oct 02, 2011

Date: 1985
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Label: Sea Breeze

Chuck Foster (ldr), Joe Roccisano (as), Pete Christlieb (ts), Chuck Foster (t, fh), Frank Strazzeri (p), Jim Lacefield (b), Alex Acuña, Roy McCurdy (d)

a. a-01    Watch For Signs - 4:40  (Chuck Foster)
b. a-02    You Keep Coming Back Like A Song - 3:21  (Irving Berlin)
c. a-03    Song For Nancy - 6:00  (Chuck Foster)
d. b-01    Hookin' It - 8:20  (Pete Christlieb, Joe Roccisano)
e. b-02    Peace Full - 6:02  (Chuck Foster)
f. b-03    'Round The Corner - 6:15  (Chuck Foster)
All titles on:      Sea Breeze LP 12": SB 2023 — Long Overdue!   (1985)

Alex Acuña (d) on a-c; Roy McCurdy (d) on d-f.

LP issue gives no recording date - 1985 is issue date. Foster's compositions were copyrighted in 1982.

Composer of "Peace Full" needs confirmation.