Chuck Flores Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

Generated on Sun, Oct 02, 2011

Date: 1976
Location: Spectrum Studios, Venice, CA
Label: Dobre Records

Chuck Flores (ldr), Bob Hardaway (f, ts), Bobby Shew (t, fh), Dick Johnston (p, ep), David Troncoso (b, eb, cga), Chuck Flores (d, tam, cwb), Gary Weisburg (per), Gene Harbin (v)

a. a-01    Flores Azules - 5:45  (Chuck Flores)
b. a-02    Primavera - 6:05  (Chuck Flores)
c. a-03    Es Tiempo - 5:45  (Chuck Flores)
d. b-01    Padali - 5:30  (Chuck Flores)
e. b-02    Bye Bye Blackbird - 3:49  (Mort Dixon, Ray Henderson)
f. b-03    Isela - 6:04  (David Troncoso)
All titles on:      Dobre Records LP 12": DR 1001 — Flores Azules   (1976)

Bob Hardaway (f) on b, f; Bobby Shew (t) on a, c-f; (fh) on b; Dick Johnston (ep) on b; David Troncoso (b) on a-e; (eb) on d, f; (cga) on d, f; Chuck Flores (tam) on d; (cwb) on f; Gary Weisburg (per) on d; Gene Harbin (v) on e.

LP issue gives no recording date - 1976 is issue date.

Weisburg plays vibraslap. Flores overdubbed tambourine and cowbell parts. Troncoso overdubbed electric bass on d and congas on d and f.

Date: June 14, 1977
Location: Sunwest Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA
Label: Concord

Chuck Flores (ldr), Bob Hardaway (ss, ts), Bobby Shew (t, fh), Dick Johnston (p, ep), Bob Magnusson (b), Chuck Flores (d)

a. a-01    Drum Flower - 7:45  (Chuck Flores, Grant Geissman) / arr: Chuck Flores, Grant Geissman
b. a-02    The End Of A Love Affair - 5:38  (Edward C. Redding) / arr: Dick Johnston
c. a-03    Ogre Of Leadwell - 7:42  (Dick Johnston)
d. b-01    Horse-A-Nova - 7:11  (Bob Magnusson)
e. b-02    I Remember Freddie - 5:00  (Chuck Flores, Dick Johnston)
f. b-03    Return Of The Ogre - 3:53  (Dick Johnston)
g. b-04    Dawn And Lizz - 6:00  (Chuck Flores) / arr: Alf Clausen
All titles on:      Concord LP 12": CJ 49 — Drum Flower   (1977)

Bob Hardaway (ss) on a, e, g; (ts) on a-d, f; Bobby Shew (t) on a-d, f; (fh) on e, g; Dick Johnston (p) on a-c, e-g; (ep) on d.

Hardaway plays flute on unspecified selections.