Bill Easley Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

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Date: September 1 & 2, 1986
Location: Manhattan Recording Studios, New York City
Label: Sunnyside

Bill Easley (ldr), Bill Easley (f, cl, as), Mulgrew Miller (p), Victor Gaskin (b), Tony Reedus (d)

a. a-01    Wind Inventions - 5:24  (Bill Easley)
b. a-02    Blue Again - 5:31  (Bill Easley)
c. a-03    Sticking - 5:35  (Bill Easley)
d. a-04    Come Sunday - 6:54  (Duke Ellington)
e. b-01    That's What Friends Are For - 5:21  (Burt Bacharach, Carole Bayer Sager)
f. b-02    All Too Soon - 5:54  (Duke Ellington, Carl Sigman)
g. b-03    Focus - 5:40  (James Williams)
h. b-04    Waltz For The Ball - 4:55  (Bill Easley)
All titles on:      Sunnyside LP 12": 1022 — Wind Inventions   
     Sunnyside CD: SSC 1022D — Wind Inventions   (1996)

Bill Easley (f) on a, e; (cl) on a-g; (as) on h.

Easley overdubbed multiple flute and clarinet parts on a and e.

Date: October 22, 1990
Location: Giant Studios, New York City
Label: Milestone

Bill Easley (ldr), Bill Easley (as, ts), Bill Mobley (t), James Williams (p), George Caldwell (syn), David Jackson (b), Grady Tate (d)

a. 03    How Long Has This Been Going On - 7:35  (George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin)
b. 04    Oh, What A Dream - 8:17  (Harold 'Chuck' Willis)
c. 05    Soulful Bill - 5:50  (James Williams)
d. 06    Blues For Stitt - 6:02  (Bill Easley)
All titles on:      Milestone CD: MCD 9186-2 — First Call   (1991)

George Caldwell (syn) on b-c.

Date: October 29, 1990
Location: Giant Studios, New York City
Label: Milestone

Bill Easley (ldr), Bill Easley (as, ts), Bill Mobley (t), Roland Hanna (p), George Caldwell (syn), Hassan Shakur [aka J. J. Wiggins] (b), Grady Tate (d)

a. 01    It's All In The Game - 6:22  (Carl Sigman, Charles Dawes)
b. 02    Somewhere Along The Way - 5:53  (Kurt Adams, Sammy Gallop)
c. 07    Prelude To A Kiss - 6:24  (Duke Ellington, Irving Gordon, Irving Mills)
d. 08    Crazeology [aka Little Benny] - 4:12  (Bud Powell)
All titles on:      Milestone CD: MCD 9186-2 — First Call   (1991)

Bill Mobley (t) on d; George Caldwell (syn) on b-c.

d listed as "Little Benny".

Date: September 29 & 30, 1994
Location: Power Station, New York City
Label: Evidence

Bill Easley (ldr), Bill Easley (f, cl, bcl, as), George Coleman (ts), Bill Mobley (t, fh), Donald Brown (p), Ron Carter (b), Billy Higgins (d)

a. 01    Extension 27 - 9:24  (Frank Strozier)
b. 02    Alex The Great - 7:49  (Harold Mabern, Jr.)
c. 03    Nina Never Knew - 7:11  (Milton Drake, Louis Alter)
d. 04    Easley Said And Done - 8:06  (Donald Brown)
e. 05    I Want To Be Happy - 7:30  (Vincent Youmans, Irving Caesar, Otto Harbach)
f. 06    Runnin' - 4:28  (Frank Strozier)
g. 07    Listen To The Dawn - 7:53  (Kenny Burrell)
h. 08    Born Out Of Darkness - 4:53  (Bill Easley)
i. 09    Gypsy - 9:09  (Ron Carter)
All titles on:      Evidence CD: ECD 22183-2 — Easley Said   (1997)

Date: November 12-14, 2006
Label: 18th And Vine

Bill Easley (ldr), Bill Easley (cl, ts), Frank Wess (ts), Warren Vaché, Jr. (c), Larry Ham (p), Hassan Shakur [aka J. J. Wiggins] (b), Michael Carvin (d)

a. 01    Straighten Up And Fly Right - 3:42  (Irving Mills, Nat King Cole)
b. 02    Mentor - 5:55  (Bill Easley)
c. 03    September Song - 4:56  (Kurt Weill, Maxwell Anderson)
d. 04    Chelsea Bridge - 5:45  (Billy Strayhorn)
e. 05    In The Still Of The Night - 4:58  (Cole Porter)
f. 06    Hi-Fly - 5:09  (Randy Weston)
g. 07    The Memphis Blues - 6:07  (W. C. Handy, George Norton)
h. 08    Spring Is Here - 5:45  (Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart)
i. 09    Indian Summer - 5:27  (Victor Herbert, Al Dubin)
j. 10    Anthropology - 4:23  (Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie)
k. 11    Just In Time - 4:32  (Jule Styne, Betty Comden, Adolph Green)
All titles on:      18th And Vine CD: 1055 — Business Man's Bounce   (2007)

Bill Easley (cl) on g; Frank Wess (ts) on b; Warren Vaché, Jr. (c) on g.

Recording date needs confirmation.

Backgrounds by Off Broadway Woodwind Ensemble - personnel unknown.

Date: ca. 2010
Location: Showplace Recording Studios, Dover, NJ
Label: American Showplace Music

Bill Easley (ldr), Bill Easley (ts), Tommy James (p), Hassan Shakur [aka J. J. Wiggins] (b), Willie Martinez (d), Wilson 'Chembo' Corniel (cga, per)

a. 01    They Can't Take That Away From Me - 5:44  (George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin)
b. 02    Almost Like Being In Love - 4:15  (Alan Jay Lerner, Frederick Loewe)
c. 03    My Foolish Heart - 4:29  (Victor Young, Ned Washington)
d. 04    Theme From "Love Story" - 5:25  (Carl Sigman, Francis Lai)
e. 05    Don't You Know I Care - 4:38  (Duke Ellington, Mack David)
f. 06    I Can't Give You Anything But Love - 4:44  (Jimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields)
g. 07    Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You - 4:08  (Don Redman, Andy Razaf)
h. 08    Falling In Love With Love - 5:20  (Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart)
i. 09    I'll Take Romance - 3:47  (Ben Oakland, Oscar Hammerstein II)
j. 10    Hey There - 4:12  (Richard Adler, Jerry Ross)
k. 11    Love With The Proper Stranger - 5:30  (Elmer Bernstein, Johnny Mercer)
l. 12    You Go To My Head - 5:51  (J. Fred Coots, Haven Gillespie)
m. 13    The End Of A Love Affair - 4:28  (Edward C. Redding)
All titles on:      American Showplace Music CD: — Love Stories   (2010)

Wilson 'Chembo' Corniel (cga) on a-e, k, m; (per) on a-e, k, m.

CD issue gives no recording date - 2010 is issue date.

Sessions Reported: 6

Performances Reported: 49

Unique Songs Reported: 49

Unique Issues Reported: 6