Bruce Ditmas Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

Generated on Sat, Oct 01, 2011

Date: spring and fall 1976
Location: Downtown Sound, New York City
Label: Wizard Records

Bruce Ditmas (ldr), Enrico Rava (t), Bruce Ditmas (syn, d, per), Joan La Barbera (v)

a. a-01    Surprise Hotel - 7:59  (Enrico Rava)
b. a-02    Yellow - 4:10  (Bruce Ditmas)
c. a-03    L'Unita - 5:45  (Bruce Ditmas)
d. b-01    Aural Suspension - 7:18  (Bruce Ditmas)
e. b-02    Soweto - 6:18  (Bruce Ditmas)
f. b-03    Dr. Mabuse - 6:24  (Bruce Ditmas)
All titles on:      Wizard Records LP 12": 222 — Yellow   (1977)

Enrico Rava (t) on a; Joan La Barbera (v) on a, e.

Date: October and November 1977
Location: Downtown Sound, New York City
Label: Chiaroscuro

Bruce Ditmas (ldr), Enrico Rava (t), Bruce Ditmas (syn, d, per), Joan La Barbera (per, v)

a. a-01    Aeray Dust - 6:33  (Bruce Ditmas)
b. a-02    Side Looking Radar Image - 7:15  (Bruce Ditmas)
c. a-03    Terminal Velocity - 3:54  (Bruce Ditmas)
d. b-01    Face To Face To Face - 7:10  (Bruce Ditmas)
e. b-02    Tactics Of Despair - 2:54  (Bruce Ditmas)
f. b-03    That's The Way It Is - 9:40  (Bruce Ditmas)
All titles on:      Chiaroscuro LP 12": CR 195 — Aeray Dust   (1977)

Date: December 21 & 22, 1994
Location: Electric Lady Studios, New York City
Label: Postcards

Bruce Ditmas (ldr), Sam Rivers (ss, ts), John Abercrombie (g), Paul Bley (p, syn), Dominic Richards (b), Bruce Ditmas (d)

a. 01    Island Seven - 10:11  (Bruce Ditmas)
b. 02    What If - 10:21  (Bruce Ditmas)
c. 03    Clever Conversation - 7:52  (Paul Bley, Bruce Ditmas)
d. 04    Deep Blue Sleep - 3:18  (Bruce Ditmas)
e. 05    Thursday Nite Special - 7:18  (Bruce Ditmas)
f. 06    Voodoo Street Beat - 4:09  (Bruce Ditmas)
g. 07    Pulp - 8:00  (John Abercrombie, Bruce Ditmas)
h. 08    Power Surge - 3:46  (Bruce Ditmas, Sam Rivers)
i. 09    Don't Wake Me - 4:52  (Bruce Ditmas)
All titles on:      Postcards CD: POST 1007 — What If   (1995)

d, e, f performed as medley.

Sam Rivers (ss) on d-f; (ts) on b, h.

Medley listed as "3348 Big Easy".