Ed Curran Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

Generated on Sat, Oct 01, 2011

Date: March 10, 1967
Location: probably Savoy Studio, Newark, NJ
Label: Savoy

Ed Curran (ldr), Ed Curran (cl, as), Marc Levin (c, fh, mp), Kiyoshi Tokunaga (b), Cleve Pozar (d)

a. a-01    Cire - 6:10  (Ed Curran)
b. a-02    Why - 3:43  (Ed Curran)
c. a-03    Mid Tempo - 3:42  (Ed Curran)
d. a-04    Looking Back - 6:59  (Ed Curran)
e. b-01    Duos - 4:13  (Ed Curran)
f. b-02    Lady A - 5:38  (Ed Curran)
g. b-03    Nicole - 7:40  (Ed Curran)
h. b-04    Drac - 3:16  (Ed Curran)
All titles on:      Savoy LP 12": MGS 12191 — Elysa   

Ed Curran (cl) on d, f; (as) on a-c, e, g-h; Marc Levin (c) on b-c, e; (fh) on f-g; (mp) on a, d.

Some sources gives date as March 17, 1967 but Ben Young: Dixonia gives above date and location. Further details needed as to whether this is the same as Medallion Studios.