Continuum Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

Generated on Sat, Oct 01, 2011

Date: May 4, 1982
Location: Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ
Label: Palo Alto

Continuum (ldr), Jimmy Heath (ts), Slide Hampton (tb), Kenny Barron (p), Ron Carter (b), Arthur Taylor (d)

a. a-01    Sid's Delight - 5:28  (Tadd Dameron) / arr: Jimmy Heath
b. a-02    If You Could See Me Now - 6:45  (Tadd Dameron, Carl Sigman) / arr: Slide Hampton
c. a-03    The Scene Is Clean - 4:51  (Tadd Dameron) / arr: Slide Hampton
d. b-01    Lady Bird - 7:09  (Tadd Dameron)
e. b-02    Nearness - 3:48  (Tadd Dameron) / arr: Jimmy Heath
f. b-03    The Squirrel - 6:31  (Tadd Dameron)
All titles on:      Palo Alto LP 12": PA 8029-N — Mad About Tadd   (1983)
     Collectables CD: — Mad About Tadd   (2003)