Alice Clark Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

Generated on Sat, Oct 01, 2011

Date: ca. 1972
Location: Record Plant, New York City
Label: Mainstream

Alice Clark (ldr), Ted Dunbar (g), Alice Clark (v), Ernie Wilkins (con)

a. a-01    I Keep It Hid - 3:27  (Jimmy Webb) / arr: Ernie Wilkins
b. a-02    Looking At Life - 3:10  (John Bromley, Petula Clark) / arr: Ernie Wilkins
c. a-03    Don't Wonder Why - 3:22  (Leonard Caston) / arr: Ernie Wilkins
d. a-04    Maybe This Time - 3:18  (Fred Ebb, John Kander) / arr: Ernie Wilkins
e. a-05    Never Did I Stop Loving You - 2:34  (Juanita Fleming) / arr: Ernie Wilkins
f. b-01    Charms In The Arms Of Love - 2:38  (Bobby Hebb) / arr: Ernie Wilkins
g. b-02    Don't You Care? - 2:49  (Bobby Hebb) / arr: Ernie Wilkins
h. b-03    It Takes Too Long To Learn To Live Alone - 3:34  (Robert I. Allen, Leon Carr) / arr: Ernie Wilkins
i. b-04    Hard Hard Promises - 3:05  (Bobby Hebb) / arr: Ernie Wilkins
j. b-05    Hey Girl - 3:16  (Earl DeRouen) / arr: Ernie Wilkins
All titles on:      Mainstream LP 12": MRL 362 — Alice Clark   (1972)

Date unknown.

In his resume, Ted Dunbar lists an album by Alice Clark on Mainstream. It is assumed this is the album. No personnel details on the LP issue.