James Chirillo Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

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Date: October 4 & 5, 1999
Location: Antland Productions, Inc., New York City
Label: Nagel-Heyer

James Chirillo (ldr), Scott Robinson (ts, bsx), Randy Sandke (t), James Chirillo (g, acg), Alan Simon (p), Greg Cohen (b), Dave Ratajczak (d), Vera Mara (v)

a.     When Lights Are Low - 5:54  (Benny Carter, Spencer Williams) / arr: James Chirillo
b.     I Love You, Samantha - 4:49  (Cole Porter) / arr: James Chirillo
c.     Sultry Serenade [aka How Could You Do A Thing Like That To Me] - 6:07  (Tyree Glenn, Allan Roberts) / arr: James Chirillo
d.     If I Only Had A Brain - 5:27  (Harold Arlen, E. Y. Harburg) / arr: James Chirillo
e.     Move - 6:53  (Denzil Best) / arr: James Chirillo
f.     Elend (from Op. 27, No. 7) - 4:52  (Alexander Zemlinsky) / arr: James Chirillo
g.     Can't We Be Friends? - 7:11  (Paul James, Kay Swift) / arr: James Chirillo
h.     Bourbon Street Parade - 3:09  (Paul Barbarin) / arr: James Chirillo
i.     Lush Life - 5:37  (Billy Strayhorn) / arr: James Chirillo
j.     I'm Always Chasing Rainbows - 4:53  (Harry Carroll, Joseph McCarthy, Frederic Chopin) / arr: James Chirillo
k.     Fancifree - 5:09  (James Chirillo) / arr: James Chirillo
l.     Blues For Valerie - 5:10  (James Chirillo) / arr: James Chirillo
All titles on:      Nagel-Heyer CD: CD 061 — Sultry Serenade   (2000)

Scott Robinson (ts) on d, f-g, l; (bsx) on e, h; Randy Sandke (t) on e-g, k-l; James Chirillo (g) on a-f, h-l; (acg) on g; Alan Simon (p) on a-b, d-g, j-l; Greg Cohen (b) on a-g, i-l; Vera Mara (v) on b.

"I Love You, Samantha" performed with Portuguese lyrics by Vera Mara.