Frank Catalano Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

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Date: August 7, 25, 26 and December 3, 1997
Location: Riverside Studio, Chicago, IL
Label: Delmark

Frank Catalano (ldr), Ira Sullivan (af, t), Frank Catalano (sss, ss, ts), Willie Pickens (p), Brian Sandstrom (b), Isham 'Rusty' Jones, Robert Shy (d)

a. 01    Confirmation - 2:39  (Charlie Parker)
b. 02    Love Vibrations - 5:48  (Horace Silver)
c. 03    Those Wacky Ways - 6:10  (Frank Catalano)
d. 04    Willow, Weep For Me - 6:25  (Ann Ronell)
e. 05    Cut It Out!?! - 8:17  (Frank Catalano)
f. 06    I Mean You - 7:55  (Thelonious Monk)
g. 07    God Made It Beautiful - 3:19  (Frank Catalano)
h. 08    Party Time - 5:21  (Frank Catalano)
i. 09    502 Blues (Drinkin' And Drivin') - 10:45  (Jimmy Rowles)
j. 10    Tenor Madness [aka Royal Roost; aka Rue Chaptal; aka Sportin' Crowd] - 4:08  (Kenny Dorham, Hank Mobley, Sonny Rollins)
All titles on:      Delmark CD: DE-501 — Cut It Out!?!   (1998)

Ira Sullivan (af) on b; (t) on f; Frank Catalano (sss) on i; (ss) on b; (ts) on a, c-h, j; Willie Pickens (p) on b-d, f, h-i; Brian Sandstrom (b) on b-j; Isham 'Rusty' Jones (d) on a, e, g, j; Robert Shy (d) on b-d, f, h-i.

Sullivan is listed as playing flute, but in fact plays alto flute.

Date: 1999
Location: Chicago, IL
Label: Chicago Lakeside Jazz

Frank Catalano (ldr), Frank Catalano (ts), Randy Brecker (t, fh), Willie Pickens (p), Larry Gray (b), Joel Spencer (d)

a. 01    Night And Day - 11:24  (Cole Porter)
b. 02    I Can't Get Started - 7:04  (Vernon Duke, Ira Gershwin)
c. 03    Hey You! - 7:23  (Frank Catalano)
d. 04    Georgia On My Mind - 7:09  (Hoagy Carmichael, Stuart Gorrell)
e. 05    Pins 'n' Needles - 10:23  (Frank Catalano)
f. 06    Spill It - 4:45  (Frank Catalano)
g. 07    Scrapple From The Apple - 2:15  (Charlie Parker)
All titles on:      Chicago Lakeside Jazz CD: CLJ 607-2 — Pins 'n' Needles   (1999)

Randy Brecker (t) on a, c, e-f; (fh) on a, c, e-f; Willie Pickens (p) on a-d, f; Larry Gray (b) on a, c-f; Joel Spencer (d) on a, c-g.

CD issue gives no recording date - 1999 is issue date.

Date: August 18 & 19, 1999
Location: Riverside Studios, Chicago, IL
Label: Delmark

Frank Catalano, Von Freeman (ldr), Frank Catalano, Von Freeman (ts), Larry Novak (p), Larry Kohut (b), Joel Spencer (d)

a. 01    Get Out - 6:07  (Frank Catalano)
b. 02    Good Bait - 10:37  (Tadd Dameron, Count Basie)
c. 03    When I Fall In Love - 3:54  (Victor Young, Edward Heyman)
d. 04    You Talkin' To Me?! - 7:28  (Frank Catalano)
e. 05    Summertime - 5:29  (George Gershwin, Dubose Heyward)
f. 06    Alone Together - 7:58  (Arthur Schwartz, Howard Dietz)
g. 07    Wave - 8:51  (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
h. 08    I Could Write A Book - 11:28  (Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart)
i. 09    Reverse Blues - 9:35  (Frank Catalano, Von Freeman)
All titles on:      Delmark CD: DE 525 — You Talkin' To Me?!   (2000)

Date: May 30, 2001
Location: Green Mill, Chicago, IL
Label: Delmark

Frank Catalano (ldr), Frank Catalano (ts), Randy Brecker (t), Larry Novak (p), Eric Hochberg (b), Paul Wertico (d)

a. 01    Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise - 12:37  (Sigmund Romberg, Oscar Hammerstein II)
b. 02    Killer Joe - 15:58  (Benny Golson)
c. 03    Bubble House - 10:41  (John Medeski, Billy Martin, Christopher B. Wood)
d. 04    Impressions - 14:36  (John Coltrane)
e. 05    The Theme - 12:26  (Traditional, Kenny Dorham)
All titles on:      Delmark CD: DE 536 — Live At The Green Mill