Tony Castellano Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

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Date: September 27 and October 11, 1983
Location: In-Roads Recording, Miami, FL
Label: Spinnster

Tony Castellano (ldr), Ira Sullivan (f, af, ss, as, t), Tony Castellano (p), Sam Chiodo (b), Steve Bagby, Rich Franks (d, per)

a. a-01    Wonderful One - 4:57  (Ferde Grofe, Paul Whiteman, Marshall Neilan, Dorothy Terriss)
b. a-02    The Boy Next Door - 6:49  (Ralph Blane, Hugh Martin)
c. a-03    Gina Christine - 6:05  (Tony Castellano)
d. a-04    My Heart At The Sound Of Thy Sweet Voice - 5:32  (Camille Saint Saens)
e. b-01    Rashid - 5:10  (Tony Castellano)
f. b-02    Horns Of Di Lama - 8:39  (Tony Castellano)
g. b-03    You, My Love - 3:30  (Jimmy Van Heusen, Mack Gordon)
h. b-04    Wonderful One - 4:43  (Ferde Grofe, Paul Whiteman, Marshall Neilan, Dorothy Terriss)
All titles on:      Spinnster LP 12": SP 0005 — Wonderful Ones   (1985)
     Coda CD: 14 — Wonderful Ones   (2000)

Ira Sullivan (f) on c; (af) on b-c; (ss) on c-d; (as) on a, f; (t) on f, h; Sam Chiodo (b) on a, c, e-f, h; Steve Bagby (d) on f; (per) on c; Rich Franks (d) on a, c, e, h; (per) on e-f.

No details on specific tracks.

Sullivan overdubs -
"Gina Christine" - soprano and flute, then flute and alto flute
"Horns Of Di Lama" - two alto saxophone parts, then alto and trumpet