Jay Cameron Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

Generated on Sat, Oct 01, 2011

Date: January 10, 1955
Location: Paris, France
Label: Vogue

Jay Cameron (ldr), Jean-Louis Chautemps, Bobby Jaspar, Barney Wilen (ts), Jay Cameron (bar), Henri Renaud (p), Benoît Quersin (b), André Reilles (d)

a. a-01    Blue Note - 3:39  (Jerry van Rooyen)
b. a-02    Rosy - 2:23  (Rob Pronk)
c. a-03    Give Me The Simple Life - 4:29  (Rube Bloom, Harry Ruby)
d. b-01    Brother J. C. - 3:14  (Christian Chevallier)
e. b-02    Static Test - 2:32  (Rob Pronk)
f. b-03    Wooden Sword Street - 3:30  (Jay Cameron)
All titles on:      Vogue LP 10": L.D.E. 148 — Jay Cameron's International Sax Band   
     Swing LP 10": M 33.341 — Jay Cameron's International Sax Band   
     BMG CD: 7432 161025 2 — The Third Herdsmen/Jay Cameron's International Sax Band   (1999)
     BMG CD: BVJJ 2952 — Jay Cameron's International Sax Band   

Some sources show additional takes of Brother J. C. and Wooden Sword Street. Further details needed.

Date: October 2, 1962
Location: New York City
Label: Atlantic

Jay Cameron (ldr), Jay Cameron (bar), Slide Hampton (tb, eu), Barry Harris (p), Eddie De Haas (b), Elvin Jones (d)

a. 6477    Soft Pretty  (Composer Unknown)

Additional titles 6478 "Swingin'" and 6479 "Take It Easy." All titles need composers determined.