Roy Burns Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

Generated on Sat, Oct 01, 2011

Date: ca. 1962
Location: New York City
Label: Roulette

Roy Burns (ldr), Carmen Leggio (ts), John Bunch (p), Henry Grimes (b), Roy Burns (d)

a. 16979    Living Time  (Roy Burns)
b. 16980    You Are My Sunshine  (Jimmie Davis, Charles Mitchell)
c. 16981    Avalon  (Buddy DeSylva, Al Jolson, Vincent Rose)
d. 16982    Cute  (Neal Hefti)
e. 16983    Jive At Five  (Harry Edison, Count Basie)
f. 16984    Take Me Out To The Ball Game  (Jack Norworth, Albert Von Tilzer)
g. 16985    Gypsy In My Soul  (Clay A. Boland, Moe Jaffe)
All titles on:      Roulette LP 12": R 52095 — Skin Burns   

Bruyninckx, Raben, and Lord give date as 1962.

One additional selection "Swingtime" (no master number and unknown composer) may or may not appear on the Roulette album.

Carmen Leggio recalls only making one LP with Roy Burns and that the participants were Derek Smith and Nabil Totah. LP issue gives no personnel information. Further research is needed.

Date: 1973
Location: TTG Studios, Hollywood, CA
Label: [private recording]

Roy Burns, Dick Grove (ldr), Lanny Morgan, Bill Robinson (as), Bob Hardaway, Bill Perkins (ts), Bill Hood (bar), Joe Burnett, Buddy Childers, Jay Daversa, Hal Espinosa, Jack Feierman (t), George Bohanon, Bob Edmondson, Charlie Loper (tb), Dick McQuardy (btb), Al Viola (g), Pete Jolly (p, ep, org), Gene Cherico (b, eb), Roy Burns (d), Dick Grove (con)

a.     The Call  (Dick Grove) / arr: Dick Grove
b.     Dead Ringer  (Dick Grove) / arr: Dick Grove
c.     Dill Pickles  (Dick Grove) / arr: Dick Grove
d.     My Lady  (Dick Grove) / arr: Dick Grove
e.     Good 'n' Plenty  (Dick Grove) / arr: Dick Grove
f.     Big, Bad And Beautiful  (Dick Grove) / arr: Dick Grove
g.     Ain't No Doubt About It  (Dick Grove) / arr: Dick Grove
h.     Trilogy For Roy  (Dick Grove) / arr: Dick Grove
All titles on:      First Place Music LP 12": FPM 1001 — Big, Bad & Beautiful   (1973)

LP issue gives no recording date - 1973 is issue date.

Woodwind assignments speculative. Composers need confirmation. Further details needed on additional tracks with added strings.