Anita Brown Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

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Date: March 24 & 25, 2003
Location: Clinton Recording Studios, New York City
Label: [private recording]

Anita Brown (ldr), Dave Pietro (ss, as), Todd Bashore (as), Tom Christensen, Jason Rigby (ts), Ed Xiques (bar), Evan Barker, Greg Gisbert (t, fh), Scott Harrell, Nick Marchione, Jon Owens (t), Theresa MacDonnell (frh), Mike Christianson, Bruce Eidem, Pete McGuinness, Mark Patterson (tb), Jeffrey Nelson (btb), Mike Holober (p), Mary Ann McSweeney (b), Lee Finkelstein, Tim Horner (d), Anita Brown (v, con)

a. 01    Wake Up! - 8:54  (Anita Brown) / arr: Anita Brown
b. 02    The Lighthouse - 9:35  (Anita Brown) / arr: Anita Brown
c. 03    Alexander's Lullaby Waltz - 6:18  (Anita Brown) / arr: Anita Brown
d. 04    Shifting Tides Of Montauk - 13:27  (Anita Brown) / arr: Anita Brown
e. 05    The Touch Of You - 6:33  (Anita Brown) / arr: Anita Brown
f. 06    Add Venom, Shake Well - 10:32  (Anita Brown) / arr: Anita Brown
g. 07    27 EAST - 11:51  (Anita Brown) / arr: Anita Brown
All titles on:      Lasheda Records CD: - — 27 EAST   (2003)

Dave Pietro (ss) on f; Nick Marchione (t) on d; Evan Barker (fh) on d; Greg Gisbert (fh) on c; Theresa MacDonnell (frh) on b-c, g; Mike Christianson (tb) on c-e, g; Bruce Eidem (tb) on a-b, f; Lee Finkelstein (d) on d; Tim Horner (d) on a-c, e-g; Anita Brown (v) on a.