Cecil Bridgewater Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

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Date: 1992
Location: Systems Two Recording Studio, Brooklyn, NY
Label: Blue Moon

Cecil Bridgewater (ldr), Roger Byam (ss, ts), Antonio Hart (as), Cecil Bridgewater (t, fh), Mark Taylor (frh), Steve Turre (tb), Earl McIntyre (btb), Roland Hanna (p), Tyrone Brown (eub), Michael Carvin, Max Roach (d), Vanessa Rubin (v)

a. 01    Magic - 5:32  (Cecil Bridgewater)
b. 02    I Love Your Smile - 9:30  (Cecil Bridgewater)
c. 03    As I Live And Breathe - 4:22  (Cecil Bridgewater)
d. 04    Never Too Young To Dream - 6:32  (Ron Bridgewater)
e. 05    Samba, Para Ustedes Dos - 6:46  (Cecil Bridgewater)
f. 06    Sophisticated Lady - 5:17  (Duke Ellington, Mitchell Parish, Irving Mills)
g. 07    Waltz For Duke Pearson - 8:31  (Cecil Bridgewater)
h. 08    Scott Free - 10:52  (Cecil Bridgewater)
All titles on:      Blue Moon CD: R2 79187 — I Love Your Smile   (1992)

Collective personnel.

CD issue gives no recording date - 1992 is issue date.

Date: September 29, 1997
Location: Kampo Audio/Video, New York City
Label: Brownstone

Cecil Bridgewater (ldr), Ron Bridgewater (ts), Cecil Bridgewater (t, fh), Mulgrew Miller (p), Kenny Davis (b), Billy Hart (d), Vanessa Rubin (v)

a. 01    In The Open - 7:06  (Cecil Bridgewater)
b. 02    Cannon's Samba - 4:27  (Cecil Bridgewater)
c. 03    If My Heart Could Speak - 7:13  (Linda Williams)
d. 04    Like An Old Song - 6:10  (Fritz Pauer, Vanessa Rubin)
e. 05    No Strings Attached - 6:35  (Vanessa Rubin)
f. 06    Louisiana Strut - 7:13  (Cecil Bridgewater)
g. 07    I Think I Might Try Love Again - 5:46  (Cecil Bridgewater, Juanita Fleming)
h. 08    Mean What You Say - 7:49  (Thad Jones)
i. 09    Cheeka's Dance - 4:14  (Cecil Bridgewater)
All titles on:      Brownstone CD: BRCD 9802 — Mean What You Say   (1998)

Ron Bridgewater (ts) on a-d, f-i; Cecil Bridgewater (t) on a-b, d-i; (fh) on c; Vanessa Rubin (v) on d, g.