Ronald Boykins Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

Generated on Sat, Oct 01, 2011

Date: February 1975
Location: New York City
Label: ESP-Disk

Ronald Boykins (ldr), Joe Ferguson (f, ss, ts), Jimmy Vass (f, ss, as), Monty Waters (ss, as), John Mancebo Lewis (tb), Ronald Boykins (tu, b), Art Lewis (d), George Avaloz (cga)

a. a-01    The Will Come, Is Now - 12:26  (Ronald Boykins)
b. a-02    Starlight At The Wonder Inn - 7:28  (Ronald Boykins)
c. a-03    Demon's Dance - 3:16  (Ronald Boykins)
d. b-01    Dawn Is Evening, Afternoon - 6:12  (Ronald Boykins)
e. b-02    Tipping On Heels - 4:47  (Ronald Boykins)
f. b-03    The Third - 12:25  (Ronald Boykins)
All titles on:      ESP-Disk CD: ESP 3026-2 — Ronnie Boykins   

Engineer: Marzette Watts