Horacee Arnold Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

Generated on Sat, Oct 01, 2011

Date: 1973
Label: Columbia

Horacee Arnold (ldr), Joe Farrell (f, af, ss), Billy Harper (ts), Dave Friedman (vib, mar, xyl, per), Ralph Towner (12g), George Mraz (b), Horacee Arnold (d, per), Ralph MacDonald (cga, per)

a. a-01    Tribe - 10:15  (Horacee Arnold)
b. a-02    Banyan Dance - 7:33  (Horacee Arnold)
c. a-03    Forest Games - 2:26  (Horacee Arnold)
d. b-01    Orchards Of Engedi - 10:43  (Horacee Arnold)
e. b-02    The Actor - 6:55  (Horacee Arnold)
f. b-03    Professor Moriarty - 0:41  (David Friedman)
g. b-04    500 Miles High - 9:13  (Chick Corea, Neville Potter)
All titles on:      Columbia LP 12": KC 32150 — Tribe   (1973)

LP issue gives no recording date - 1973 is issue date.

Date: 1974
Label: Columbia

Horacee Arnold (ldr), Sonny Fortune (f, ss), Art Webb (f, af), Dave Friedman (vib, mar), John Abercrombie (g), Ralph Towner (12g), Jan Hammer (p, ep, syn), Clint Houston, George Mraz (b), Rick Laird (eb), Horacee Arnold (d, tmp, per), David Earl Johnson (cga, per), Dom Um Romão (per)

a. a-01    Puppet Of The Seasons - 4:33  (Horacee Arnold)
b. a-02    Sing Nightjar - 11:10  (Horacee Arnold)
c. a-03    Benzélé Windows - 6:56  (Horacee Arnold)
d. b-01    Tales Of The Exonerated Flea - 3:46  (Horacee Arnold)
e. b-02    Delicate Evasions - 4:30  (Horacee Arnold)
f. b-03    Chinnereth II - 8:07  (Horacee Arnold)
g. b-04    Euroaquilo Silence - 5:41  (Jan Hammer, Horacee Arnold)
All titles on:      Columbia LP 12": KC 32869 — Tales Of The Exonerated Flea   (1974)
     Rock & Groove CD: RAGCD 4 — Tales Of The Exonerated Flea   (2004)

LP issue gives no recording date - 1974 is issue date.

Friedman plays bass marimba.