Clifton Anderson Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

Generated on Sat, Oct 01, 2011

Date: January 30 & 31, 1995
Location: New York City
Label: Milestone

Clifton Anderson (ldr), Kenny Garrett (as), Wallace Roney (t), Clifton Anderson (tb), Monty Alexander (p), Bob Cranshaw (b), Al Foster (d), Victor See-Yuen (per)

a. 01    P. G. (From Whom All Blessings Flow) - 5:54  (Clifton Anderson)
b. 02    Mommy - 9:06  (Clifton Anderson)
c. 03    Landmarks Along The Way - 5:33  (Clifton Anderson)
d. 04    Princess Neh Neh - 6:21  (Clifton Anderson)
e. 05    I've Never Been In Love Before - 5:53  (Frank Loesser)
f. 06    My One And Only Love - 8:52  (Robert Mellin, Guy Wood)
g. 07    I Thought It Was Understood - 5:57  (Gloria Anderson)
h. 08    Thanks - 5:50  (Clifton Anderson)
All titles on:      Milestone CD: MCD 9266-2 — Landmarks   (1996)

Kenny Garrett (as) on b; Wallace Roney (t) on d; Victor See-Yuen (per) on g.

Date: December 10 & 28, 2007
Label: Doxy

Clifton Anderson (ldr), Kenny Garrett (as), Eric Wyatt (ts), Clifton Anderson (tb), Stephen Scott, Larry Willis (p), Bob Cranshaw (b, eb), Christian McBride (b), Al Foster, Steve Jordan (d), Kimati Dinizulu (per)

a. 01    Noble - 4:51  (Clifton Anderson)
b. 02    So Wrong About You - 9:01  (Clifton Anderson)
c. 03    I'm Old Fashioned - 4:59  (Jerome Kern, Johnny Mercer)
d. 04    Z - 7:23  (Clifton Anderson)
e. 05    I'm Glad There Is You - 10:44  (Paul (Madeira) Mertz)
f. 06    Deja Blu - 6:12  (Clifton Anderson)
g. 07    If - 5:55  (David Gates)
h. 08    Aah Soon Come - 4:30  (Clifton Anderson)
i. 09    We'll Be Together Again - 4:48  (Carl Fischer, Frankie Laine)
j. 10    Stubbs - 7:15  (Clifton Anderson)
All titles on:      Doxy CD: 001186202 — Decade   (2009)

Kenny Garrett (as) on d, j; Eric Wyatt (ts) on f, h; Stephen Scott (p) on d, g, i-j; Larry Willis (p) on a-c, e-f, h; Bob Cranshaw (b) on a-c, e-f; (eb) on h; Christian McBride (b) on d, g, j; Al Foster (d) on a-c, e-f, h; Steve Jordan (d) on d, g, j; Kimati Dinizulu (per) on h.