Andrew 'Tex' Allen Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

Generated on Sat, Oct 01, 2011

Date: July 1991
Location: Studio 900, New York City
Label: Muse

Andrew 'Tex' Allen (ldr), Jesse Davis (as), Andrew 'Tex' Allen (t, v), Jacky Terrasson (p), Ugonna Okegwa (b), Eddie Gladden (d), Lawrence Killian (cga, per)

a. 01    Wings Of Ceola - 7:36  (Andrew 'Tex' Allen)
b. 02    The Things We'll Never Know - 6:57  (Andrew 'Tex' Allen)
c. 03    You Don't Know What Love Is - 11:14  (Don Raye, Gene DePaul)
d. 04    The Process Necessary - 4:55  (Andrew 'Tex' Allen)
e. 05    Mutti's Buletten (Mama's Hamburgers) - 6:33  (Andrew 'Tex' Allen)
f. 06    When You Find A Love - 8:33  (Andrew 'Tex' Allen, Phylicia Rashad)
g. 07    Estate [aka Summer] [original or English lyric ver. 1] - 8:01  (Bruno Brighetti, Bruno Martino, Joel Siegel)
All titles on:      Muse CD: MCD 5492 — Late Night   (1993)

Jesse Davis (as) on c-e; Andrew 'Tex' Allen (t) on a, c, e, g; (v) on b, d, f; Lawrence Killian (cga) on a-b, f-g; (per) on a-b, f-g.