Clifford Adams, Jr. Leader Entry
by Michael Fitzgerald

Generated on Sat, Oct 01, 2011

Date: February 3, 1998
Location: Systems Two Recording Studio, Brooklyn, NY
Label: Naxos Jazz

Clifford Adams, Jr. (ldr), Antonio Hart (ss, as), Clifford Adams, Jr. (tb, v), Kenny Barron (p), Ray Drummond (b), Lewis Nash (d), Neil Clarke (per)

a. 01    Darshan's Love - 5:10  (Clifford Adams)
b. 02    I Can't Get Started - 6:47  (Vernon Duke, Ira Gershwin)
c. 03    Graceful Feeling - 7:34  (Clifford Adams)
d. 04    Renatyah - 7:01  (Clifford Adams)
e. 05    The Lord Is Always With Them (for Ravi and Farid) - 6:20  (Clifford Adams)
f. 06    With His Grace - 6:05  (Clifford Adams)
g. 07    Walkin' [aka Gravy] - 5:43  (Jimmy Mundy, Richard Carpenter)
h. 08    Suite Elixir Of Life - 5:50  (Clifford Adams)
i. 09    Precious Jewel - 5:50  (Clifford Adams)
j. 10    Master Power - 5:07  (Clifford Adams)
All titles on:      Naxos Jazz CD: 86015-2 — The Master Power   (1998)

Antonio Hart (ss) on h; (as) on a, g, j; Neil Clarke (per) on b, f, h; Clifford Adams, Jr. (v) on h.