Verve Records Listing

compiled by Michael Fitzgerald
June 10-19, 1998

This is not a catalog. This is a discographical tool for researchers. I have no idea how to obtain these records.

Thanks to contributors:

François Ziegler <>
Michel Ruppli, Bob Porter: The Clef/Verve Labels, New York, Greenwood Press, 1986.

2000 Series

2000O'Day, AnitaAnita
2001Harper, Toni & Oscar Peterson Toni
2002Peterson, OscarIn A Romantic Mood
2003O'Farrill, Chico Mambo Latino Dances
2004Peterson, OscarPastel Moods
2005Moore, PhilFantasy For Girl And Orchestra
2006Baker, BuddyTwo In Love
2007Barnet, CharlieDance Bash
2008Krupa, GeneDrummer Man
2009Rich, BuddySings Johnny Mercer
2010Astaire, FredMr. Top Hat
2011Wilson, TeddyIntimate Listening
2012Peterson, OscarRomance
2013Gaillard, SlimSmorgasbord - Help Yourself!
2014Shaw, ArtieSequence In Music
2015Shaw, ArtieI Can't Get Started
2016Basie, Count & Joe Williams Greatest, The
2017Wallington, George Variations
2018Hampton, LionelPlays Love Songs
2019Wilson, StanBallads And Calypso
2020Crosby, Bing & Buddy Bregman Bing Sings Whilst Bregman Swings
2021Jones, SpikeLet's Sing A Song Of Christmas
2022DeFranco, Buddy & Oscar Peterson George Gershwin Song Book, The
2023Powell, JaneCan't We Be Friends
2024O'Farrill, Chico Music From South America
2025Carter, BennyMoonglow
2026Webster, BenSophisticated Lady
2027Barnet, CharlieDancing Party
2028Carney, HarryMoods For Girl And Boy
2029Wilson, TeddyFor Quiet Lovers
2030Herman, WoodyEarly Autumn
2031Barnet, CharlieFor Dancing Lovers
2032Various ArtistsPotpourri Of Jazz
2033DeFranco, BuddyBroadway Showcase
2034Fabulous McCleverty's, The Calypso
2035Middleton, RexHi-Fi's
2036Various ArtistsHere Come The Girls
2037Dearie, BlossomBlossom Dearie
2038Vanelli, RudiMaestro Of The Guitar
2039Fuqua, CharlieCharlie Fuqua's Ink Spots
2040Barnet, CharlieLonely Street
2041Smith, StuffTrio [NEVER ISSUED]
2042Bregman, BuddySwinging Kicks
2043O'Day, AnitaPick Yourself Up With Anita O'Day
2044Peterson, OscarRecital
2045Peterson, OscarNostalgic Memories
2046Peterson, OscarTenderly
2047Peterson, OscarKeyboard
2048Peterson, OscarAn Evening With
2049O'Day, AnitaLady Is A Tramp, The
2050O'Day, AnitaAn Evening With
2051Wilson, StanCalypso
2052Peterson, OscarPlays The Cole Porter Songbook
2053Peterson, OscarPlays The Irving Berlin Songbook
2054Peterson, OscarPlays The George Gershwin Songbook
2055Peterson, OscarPlays The Duke Ellington Songbook
2056Peterson, OscarPlays The Jerome Kern Songbook
2057Peterson, OscarPlays The Richard Rodgers Songbook
2059Peterson, OscarPlays The Harry Warren Songbook
2060Peterson, OscarPlays The Harold Arlen Songbook
2061Peterson, OscarPlays The Jimmy McHugh Songbook
2062Thompson, BillThompson Touch, The
2063Carroll, Barbara Funny Face
2064Bregman, BuddyFunny Face
2065Morgan, FreddyMr. Banjo
2066Dots, TheHi-Fi Polka Party
2067Premice, Josephine Caribe
2068Salinger, Conrad Lovely Afternoon, A
2069Herman, WoodySongs For Hip Lovers
2070Murphy, RoseNot Cha Cha But Chi Chi
2071Lewis, MonicaSing It To The Marines
2072Daniels, BillyYou Go To My Head
2073Wilson, TeddyI Got Rhythm
2074Williams, MaeShow Time
2075Rich, BuddyJust Sings
2076Wilson, StanFolk Songs
2077SkylarksRiding On The Moon
2078Smith, PaulBest Of Irving Garner, The
2079Peterson, OscarSoft Sands
2080Thompson, BillFantabulous
2081Dearie, BlossomGive Him The Ooh-La-La
2082Pickard Family, The Sing Hits Of Yesteryear
2083Various ArtistsTeen Time
2084Don, Dick 'n Jimmy Medium Rare
2085Daniels, BillyMasculine Touch, The
2086O'Day, Anita'S Wonderful [NEVER ISSUED]
2087Ritz, LyleHow About Uke?
2088Garcia, Russ & Roy Eldridge That Warm Feeling
2089DeFranco, BuddyPlays Benny Goodman
2090DeFranco, BuddyPlays Artie Shaw
2091Brooks, NormanI'm Sitting On Top Of The World
2092Carroll, Barbara Plays The Best Of George And Ira Gershwin
2093Bregman, BuddyGershwin Anniversary Album
2094Bregman, BuddyDig Buddy
2095Carroll, Barbara Barbara
2096Herman, WoodyLove Is The Sweetest Thing, Sometimes
2097Various ArtistsSongs For Your Boy Friend
2098Various ArtistsSongs For Your Girl Friend
2099Grayco, HelenLady In Red, The
2100Travis, Tony & Russ Garcia Come Swing With Me
2101Langdon, DoryLeprechauns Are Upon Me
2102Premice, Josephine In Paris
2103Sparks, RandyRandy Sparks
2104ChainoJungle Mating Rhythms
2105Tormé, Mel & Marty Paich Tormé
2106Scott, BobbySings The Best Of Lerner And Loewe
2107Don, Dick 'n Jimmy Songs For The Heart
2108DeFranco, BuddyI Hear Benny Goodman And Artie Shaw
2109Dearie, BlossomSings Comden And Green
2110Gaynor, Mitzi & Pete King Mitzi
2111Dearie, BlossomOnce Upon A Summertime
2112Crosby, GaryBelts The Blues
2113O'Day, AnitaAt Mr. Kelly's
2114Astaire, FredEasy To Dance With
2115Gaynor, MitziSings The Lyrics Of Ira Gershwin
2116Fraternity Brothers, The Passion Flower
2117Tormé, Mel & Billy May Olé Tormé!
2118O'Day, AnitaSwings Cole Porter
2119Peterson, OscarPlays My Fair Lady
2120Tormé, Mel Back In Town
2121Crosby, GaryHappy Bachelor, The
2122Wilson, StanAt The Ash Grove
2123Bellson, LouieBrilliant Bellson Sound, The
2124Ink Spots, TheFavorites
2125Dearie, BlossomMy Gentleman Friend
2126Sparks, RandyWalkin' The Low Road
2127Twig, JohnnyHappy Music
2128Smith, PaulSound Of Music, The
2129Humphreys, EarlI Remember You
2130Smith, PaulBig Men, The
2131Bellson, LouieSwings Jule Styne
2132Tormé, Mel Swings Shubert Alley
2133Dearie, BlossomBroadway Song Hits
2134Gibbs, TerrySwing Is Here!
2135Marocco, FrankLike Frank Marocco
2136Gibbs, TerryMusic From Cole Porter's Can-Can
2137Smith, GregMusic For Antiphonal Choirs
2138Lanchester, Elsa Cockney London [NEVER ISSUED]
2139Wilson, StanStan Wilson
2140Wilson, StanLeisure Time
2141O'Day, Anita & Billy May Swing Rodgers And Hart
2142Kaye, MaryUp Front!
2143Sparks, RandyRandy Sparks Three, The
2144Tormé, Mel & Russ Garcia Swingin' On The Moon
2145O'Day, AnitaWaiter, Make Mine Blues
2146Tormé, Mel & Margaret Whiting Broadway Right Now!
2147Faye, FrancesFrances Faye In Frenzy
2148Smith, PaulLatin Keyboards And Percussion
2149Salgan, Horace & Ubaldo De Lio Buenos Aires At 3 AM
2150Lewis Sisters, The Voices, Strings & Percussion
2151Gibbs, TerryExciting Terry Gibbs Big Band, The
2152Whiting, Margaret Twelve Past Midnight
2153Tormé, Mel I Dig The Count/I Dig The Duke [NEVER ISSUED]
2154O'Day, AnitaI Remember Billie Holiday [NEVER ISSUED]
2155Garcia, RussGirl In Every Port, A
2156Smith, Paul[NEVER ISSUED]
2157O'Day, AnitaTrav'lin' Light

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