Urania Records Listing

compiled by Michael Fitzgerald
August-September 1997

This is not a catalog. This is a discographical tool for researchers. I have no idea how to obtain these records.

Thanks to contributors:

Jack Woker <stereo@ix.netcom.com>
François Ziegler <ziegler@math.psu.edu>

1[TEST RECORD]Popular Science Test Record 1
2[TEST RECORD]Popular Science Test Record 2
57Kibbee, GordonOklahoma & South Pacific
106Breaking The Sound Barrier: Percussion
108Smith, BarronBreaking The Sound Barrier: Organ
1201Hawkins, Coleman Accent On Tenor Sax
1202Erwin, Pee WeeAccent On Dixieland
1203Royal, ErnieAccent On Trumpet
1204Hamilton, JimmyAccent On Clarinet
1205Teagarden, JackAccent On Trombone
1206Thompson, LuckyAccent On Tenor Sax
1207Smith, Willie "The Lion" Accent On Piano
1208Hamilton, JimmyClarinet In Hi-Fi
1209Various ArtistsMood In Blue
1210Brandon, HenryBrandon Swing
1211Redman, DonDance, Dance, Dance
1212Henderson, Fletcher Cool Fever
1213Dorsey, Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey Last Moments Of Greatness 1
1214Dorsey, Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey Last Moments Of Greatness 2
1215Dorsey, Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey Last Moments Of Greatness 3
1220Kuhn, RolfAnd His Sounds Of Jazz
2004Stewart, Rex & Cootie Williams Big Challenge, The
2012Stewart, RexAnd The Henderson All-Stars
2023Shard, JerryAnd His Picadilly Trio
8011Ferrante & Teicher Rhapsody
9001Moulin Rouge Orchestra Dream Of Paris
9002Vereecke, AimeMost Beautiful Girl In The World, The
9003Bud, JohnnyPolka Date
9004Guillemin, Marcel Dreams Of A Continental Affair
9005Perry, LesEuropean Excursion
9006Baatz, EddieMusic A La Carte
9007Montero, AndreSomething In The Wind
9008Revelers, TheDrinking Songs Of Many Lands
9009Moody, Phil & Nick Fatool Razz Ma Tazz (Honky Tonk Piano)
9010Shaw, MiltSociety Dances
9011Kainapau, George Dreams Of Hawaii
9012Merrick, MahlonMusic For Playboys To Play By
9013Merrick, MahlonSeven Winds
9014Youngman, HennyHorse And Auto Race Game
9015Musikkorps De Bundeswenr Hi-Fi Marches Around The World
9016Apaka, AlfredDreams Of The South Seas

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