Uptown Records Listing

compiled by Michael Fitzgerald
April 20, 2005

Thanks to contributors:
Bill Fenohr, Guy Kopelowicz, Brad Lewin, Don Nania, Chuck Nessa, Mark Sheldon, Bertrand Uberall, Mike Weil

  Moore, Ralph [NEVER ISSUED] see Reservoir
27.01 Thomas, Joe Raw Meat
27.02 Monterose, J.R. Live In Albany
27.03 Bubbles, John W. Back On Broadway
27.04 Booker, Beryl [NEVER ISSUED]
27.05 Quinichette, Paul [NEVER ISSUED]
27.06 Monterose, J.R. & Tommy Flanagan …And A Little Pleasure
27.07 Wells, Dickie Lonesome Road
27.08 O'Brien, Hod Bits And Pieces
27.09 Eager, Allen Renaissance
27.10 Schildkraut, Dave [NEVER ISSUED]
27.11 Jones, Philly Joe To Tadd, With Love
27.12 Thomas, Joe & Jay McShann Blowin' In From K.C.
27.13 Henry, Haywood Gentle Monster, The
27.14 Wess, Frank & Johnny Coles Two At The Top
27.15 Dameronia Look, Stop, Listen
27.16 Adams, Pepper Live At Fat Tuesday's
27.17 Sickler, Don Music Of Kenny Dorham, The
27.18 Rouse, Charlie Social Call
27.19 Johnson, Budd Ole Dude And The Fundance Kid, The
27.20 Harris, Barry For The Moment
27.21 Tate, Buddy & Al Grey Just Jazz
27.22 Puma, Joe [NEVER ISSUED] see Reservoir
27.23 Joseph, Don One Of A Kind
27.24 Leitch, Peter Exhilaration
27.25 Muldaur, Maria Transbluency
27.26 Barron, Kenny New York Attitude 
27.27 Roditi, Claudio Claudio!
27.28 Fontana, Carl Great Fontana, The
27.29 Flanagan, Tommy Nights At The Vanguard
27.30 Redd, Freddie Lonely City
27.31 Adams, Pepper Adams Effect, The
27.32 Gourley, Jimmy Left Bank Of New York, The
27.33 (Various Artists) Uptown Christmas, An
27.34 Rouse, Charlie & Sahib Shihab Soul Mates
27.35 Baker, Chet Boston, 1954
27.36 Parker, Charlie Montreal, 1953
27.37 Pinnock, Densil I Waited For You
27.38 Chaloff, Serge Boston 1950
27.39 Sickler, Don Night Watch
27.40 Clark, Sonny Oakland, 1955
27.41 Barron, Kenny Autumn In New York [expanded reissue of New York Attitude]
27.42 Parker, Charlie Boston, 1952
27.43 Sheldon, Jack Playing For Change
27.44 Marmarosa, Dodo Pittsburgh, 1958
27.45 Hawkins, Coleman Jamestown, NY, 1958
27.46 Wiley, Lee Music Of Manhattan
27.47 Harris, Barry For The Moment
27.48 Mingus, Charles Charles 'Baron' Mingus
27.49 Eager, Allen In The Land Of Oo-Bla-Dee
TBR Anderson, Willie Detroit Jazz Before Motown, 1945-53
27.51 Parker, Charlie & Dizzy Gillespie Town Hall, New York City, June 22, 1945

Founded by Dr. Robert Sunenblick and Dr. Mark Feldman. Feldman took some material (both issued and unissued sessions) with him when he established his current label Reservoir. Sunenblick continues to issue on the Uptown label. 

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