Stereo Records Listing

compiled by Michael Fitzgerald
September 1997-June 13, 1998

This is not a catalog. This is a discographical tool for researchers. I have no idea how to obtain these records.

Thanks to contributors:

Jonathan L. Kutler <>
Mori Shima
Jack Woker <>
Francois Ziegler <>

70013521Kessel, Barney Music To Listen To Barney Kessel By
70023527Manne, Shelly My Fair Lady
70033542Vinnegar, Leroy Leroy Walks!
70043543Previn, Andre Pal Joey
7005GTJFirehouse Five Plus Two Goes To Sea
7006SFMWestwood Quartet [Works by Mendelssohn and Glinka]
70073519Manne, Shelly Swinging Sounds In Stereo
70083528Lighthouse All-Stars Music For Lighthousekeeping
70093534Norvo, Red Music To Listen To Red Norvo By
70103535Poll Winners, The Poll Winners, The
70113537Previn, Andre & Russ Freeman Double Play
70123544Cooper, Bob Coop! The Music Of Bob Cooper
7013GTJScobey, Bob Scobey And Clancy Raid The Juke Box
7014SFMAndre Previn, Roth Quartet [Works of Chausson]
70156001Rubin, Previn, Smith, Amati Quartet [Works of William O. Smith]
70166002Westwood Quartet [Works of Ernst Toch]
70173530Rollins, Sonny Way Out West In Stereo
70183532Pepper, Art Meets The Rhythm Section
70193533Manne, Shelly Li'l Abner
70203548Previn, Andre Gigi
7021GTJCastle Jazz Band In Stereo
70226003California Quartet/Walden Quartet [Works of Andrew W. Imbrie]
7023SFMRyshna Baker and Kaparoff [Works of Guillaume Lekeu]
70246004Roth Quartet, Gassman, Duke [Works of Vernon Duke]
70253560Manne, Shelly Peter Gunn
70263553Hawes, Hampton Four!
70273554Farmer, Art Portrait Of Art Farmer
70283555Carter, Benny Jazz Giant
70293556Poll Winners, The Ride Again
70303557Manne, Shelly Gambit, The

Most of the Stereo catalog was originally issued (in mono) on Contemporary. Equivalent numbers are listed when applicable. However, some of the Stereo catalog was originally issued (in mono) on the Society for Forgotten Music, Good Time Jazz or California label.

7005 was first issued as Good Time Jazz 10028
7006 was first issued as Society for Forgotten Music 1001
7013 was first issued as California 1501 then later as Good Time Jazz 12056
7014 was first issued as Society for Forgotten Music 1003
7021 was first issued as Good Time Jazz 10030
7023 was first issued as Society for Forgotten Music 1004

California 1501 was the only release by this label.

When the Stereo label was discontinued (perhaps because owner Lester Koenig could not copyright the name), the albums eventually were released (in stereo) on their native labels (and 7013 came out on Good Time Jazz). Check the Contemporary label listing for related information.

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