Roost Records Listing

compiled by Michael Fitzgerald
July 1997-May 3, 1998

This is not a catalog. This is a discographical tool for researchers. I have no idea how to obtain these records.

Thanks to contributors:

Brian W. Burgess <>
Henry Schmidt <>
François Ziegler <>

1201Various ArtistsFifth Anniversary Album
1203Stitt, Sonny & Eddie Davis Battle Of Birdland
2201Smith, JohnnyPlays Jimmy Van Heusen
2202Aless, TonyLong Island Suite
2203Smith, JohnnyQuartet
2204Stitt, SonnyQuincy Jones Arrangements
2205Powell, SeldonGo First Class
2206Kenney, BeverlySings For Johnny Smith
2207Getz, StanSound, The
2208Stitt, SonnySonny Stitt
2209Getz, StanAt Storyville 1
2210Parker, CharlieAll-Star Sextet
2211Smith, Johnny & Stan Getz Moonlight In Vermont
2212Kenney, BeverlyCome Swing With Me
2213Tatum, Art/Erroll Garner Giants Of The Piano
2214Gillespie, Dizzy Concert In Paris, France
2215Smith, JohnnyMoods, Moods, Moods
2216Smith, JohnnyNew Quartet, The
2217Price, RuthSings With Johnny Smith Quartet
2218Kenney, BeverlyWith Jimmy Jones And Basie-ites
2219Stitt, Sonny37 Minutes & 48 Seconds
2220Powell, SeldonSextet
2221Powell, SeldonFeaturing Jimmy Cleveland
2222Taylor, BillyTaylor Made Piano
2223Smith, JohnnyFoursome 1
2224Powell, BudBud
2225Getz, StanAt Storyville 2
2226Stitt, SonnyWith The New Yorkers
2227Davis, EddieIntroducing Shirley Scott
2228Smith, JohnnyFoursome 2
2229Quill, GeneThree Bones And A Quill
2230Stitt, SonnySaxophones Of Sonny Stitt, The
2231Smith, JohnnyFlower Drum Song
2232Hartman, JohnnyAnd I Thought About You
2233Smith, JohnnyEasy Listening
2234Parker, Charlie & Dizzy Gillespie Diz 'n Bird In Concert
2235Stitt, SonnyLittle Bit Of Stitt
2236Bonnemere, Eddie Piano Bon Bons By Bonnemere
2237Smith, JohnnyFavorites
2238Smith, JohnnyDesigned For You
2239Smith, JohnnyMy Dear Little Sweetheart
2240Stitt, SonnySonny Side Of Stitt, The
2241Bonnemere, Eddie Sound Of Memory, The
2242Smith, JohnnyGuitar And Strings
2243Smith, JohnnyPlus The Trio
2244Stitt, SonnyStittsville
2245Stitt, SonnySonny Side Up
2246Smith, JohnnySound Of The Guitar
2247Stitt, SonnyFeelin's
2248Smith, JohnnyMan With The Blue Guitar
2249Getz, StanGreatest
2250Smith, JohnnyJimmy Van Heusen Songbook
2251Smith, Johnny & Stan Getz Moonlight In Vermont
2252Stitt, SonnyIn Orbit
2253Stitt, SonnyGoes Latin
2254Smith, JohnnyGuitar World
2255Getz, StanModern World
2256Various ArtistsJazz Piano World
2257Parker, CharlieWorld Of Charlie Parker, The
2258Getz, StanGetz Age
2259Smith, JohnnyReminiscing
2260Gibbs, TerryEl Latino!
2261Rodriguez, Arsenio Primitivo
2262Stitt, SonnySax Expressions
2263Rich, Bellson, Kawaguchi Are You Ready For This

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