Riverside Records Listing

compiled by Michael Fitzgerald
September 1997-May 3, 1998

This is not a catalog. This is a discographical tool for researchers. I have no idea how to obtain these records.

Thanks to contributors:

Jack Woker <stereo@ix.netcom.com>
François Ziegler <ziegler@math.psu.edu>

201Monk, TheloniousPlays Duke Ellington
202Sullivan, JoeNew Solos By An Old Master
203Weston, RandyGet Happy
204Lowe, MundellQuartet
205Parenti, TonyRagtime!
206Bell, MartyWith The Don Elliot Quartet
207Lewis, GeorgeJazz In The Classic New Orleans Tradition
208Lowe, MundellGuitar Moods
209Monk, TheloniousUnique Thelonious Monk, The
210Mayl, GeneDixieland In Hi Fi
211Davison, Wild Bill Sweet And Hot
212Sutton, RalphClassic Jazz Tradition
213Helm, Bob & Lu Watters Riverside Roustabouts
214Weston, Randy & Cecil Payne With These Hands…
215Janis, ConradDixieland Jam Session
216Bechet, SidneyCreole Reeds
217Barbarin, Paul & Sharkey New Orleans Contrasts
218Elliot, Don & Rusty Dedrick Counterpoint For Six Valves
219Lowe, MundellNew Music Of Alec Wilder
220Corwin, BobFeaturing Don Elliot
221Gee, MatthewJazz By Gee!
222Henry, ErniePresenting Ernie Henry
223Evans, BillNew Jazz Conceptions
224Drew, KennyTrio
225Alpert, TriggerTrigger Happy!
226Monk, TheloniousBrilliant Corners
227Weston, RandyTrio And Solo
228Sims, ZootZoot!
229Gryce, GigiJazz Lab Quintet
230Lewis, GeorgeJazz At Vespers
231Halen, CarlGin Bottle Jazz
232Weston, Randy & Cecil Payne Jazz A La Bohemia
233Hawkins, ColemanHawk Flies High, The
234Mann, HerbieSultry Serenade
235Monk, TheloniousHimself
236Drew, KennyThis Is New
237Terry, ClarkSerenade To A Bus Seat
238Lowe, MundellIt's A Grand Night For Swinging
239Dorham, KennyJazz Contrasts
240Jaspar, BobbyWith George Wallington, Idrees Sulieman
241Rollins, SonnySound Of Sonny, The
242Monk, TheloniousMonk's Music
243Various ArtistsBlues For Tomorrow
244Various ArtistsJazz For Lovers
245Mann, HerbieGreat Ideas Of Western Mann
246Terry, ClarkDuke With A Difference
247Monk, Thelonious & Gerry Mulligan Mulligan Meets Monk
248Henry, ErnieSeven Standards and a Blues
249Drew, KennyPal Joey
250Redd, FreddieSan Francisco Suite
251Lincoln, AbbeyThat's Him
252Ware, WilburChicago Sound, The
253Johnson, DickMost Likely
254Kelly, WyntonPiano
255Dorham, Kenny2 Horns, 2 Rhythm
256Golson, BennyModern Touch, The
257Thielemans, Toots Man Bites Harmonica
258Rollins, SonnyFreedom Suite
259Dixieland Rhythm Kings At The Hi Fi Jazz Band Ball
260Red Onion Jazz Band Dance Off Both Your Shoes
261Halen, CarlWhoopee Makers' Jazz
262Monk, TheloniousThelonious In Action
263Bradshaw, EvansLook Out For Evans Bradshaw!
264Griffin, JohnnySextet
265Adams, Pepper10 To 4 At The 5 Spot
266Henry, ErnieLast Chorus
267Various ArtistsRiverside Drive
268Grosz, MartyHooray For Bix!
269Adderley, Cannonball Portrait of Cannonball
270Albany, Joe & Warne Marsh Right Combination, The
271Terry, ClarkIn Orbit
272Various ArtistsEight Ways To Jazz Cole Porter
273Mitchell, BlueBig 6
274Griffin, JohnnyWay Out!
275Dorham, KennyThis Is The Moment!
276Adderley, Cannonball Alabama Concerto
277Lincoln, AbbeyIt's Magic
278Baker, ChetIt Could Happen To You
279Monk, TheloniousMisterioso
280Roach, MaxDeeds, Not Words
281Baker, ChetIn New York
282Jones, Philly Joe Blues For Dracula
283Lewis, GeorgeGeorge Lewis Of New Orleans
284Various ArtistsSaxophone Revolt
285Adderley, NatBranching Out
286Adderley, Cannonball & Milt Jackson Things Are Getting Better
287Abdul-Malik, Ahmed Jazz Sahara
289Dixieland Rhythm Kings Jazz In Retrospect
290Golson, BennyOther Side of Benny Golson, The
291Evans, BillEverybody Digs Bill Evans
292Baker, ChetIntroduces Johnny Pace
293Mitchell, BlueOut Of The Blue
294Various ArtistsNew Blue Horns
295Terry, ClarkTop And Bottom Brass
296Bradshaw, EvansPieces Of Eighty Eight
297Dorham, KennyBlue Spring
298Kelly, WyntonKelly Blue
299Baker, ChetChet
300Monk, TheloniousOrchestra At Town Hall 2/28/59
301Adderley, NatMuch Brass
302Jones, Philly Joe Drums Around The World: Big Band Sounds
303Adderley, Cannonball Cannonball Takes Charge
304Griffin, JohnnySextet
305Monk, Thelonious5 By Monk By 5
306Taylor, BillyAnd Four Flutes
307Baker, ChetPlays The Best Of Lerner And Loewe
308Lincoln, AbbeyAbbey Is Blue
309Mitchell, BlueBlue Soul
310Montgomery, WesTrio
311Adderley, Cannonball In San Francisco 1959
312Monk, TheloniousAlone In San Francisco
313Jones, Philly Joe Showcase
314Heath, JimmyThumper, The
315Evans, BillPortrait In Jazz
316Priester, JulianKeep Swingin'
317Timmons, BobbyThis Here Is Bobby Timmons
318Adderley, NatWork Song
319Taylor, BillyBilly Uptown
320Montgomery, WesIncredible Jazz Guitar
321Hooker, John LeeThat's My Story
322Adderley, Cannonball Them Dirty Blues
323Monk, TheloniousQuartet Plus Two At The Blackhawk
324Jones, SamSoul Society, The
325Lateef, YusefThree Faces Of Yusef Lateef, The
326Harris, BarryAt The Jazz Workshop
327Clay, James & David Newman Sound Of The Wide Open Spaces, The
328Kelly, BevLove Locked Out
329Morgan, DickAt The Showboat
330Adderley, NatThat's Right
331Griffin, JohnnyBig Soul Band, The
332Wilkerson, DonTexas Twister, The
333Heath, JimmyReally Big
334Timmons, BobbySoul Time
335Mangione Brothers Sextet Jazz Brothers
336Mitchell, BlueBlue's Moods
337Lateef, YusefCentaur and The Phoenix, The
338Griffin, JohnnyStudio Jazz Party
339Taylor, BillyWarming Up
340Jordan, CliffordSpellbound
341Russell, GeorgeStratusphunk
342Montgomery, WesMovin' Along
343Johnson, BuddAnd The Four Brass Giants
344Adderley, Cannonball At The Lighthouse
345Kelly, BevIn Person
346McBrown, LennieEastern Lights
347Morgan, DickSee What I Mean?
348Snowden, ElmerHarlem Banjo!
349Clay, JamesDouble Dose Of Soul, A
350Wardell, Roosevelt Revelations, The
351Evans, BillExplorations
352Thornton, TeriDevil May Care
353Clayton, Buck et al Goin' To Kansas City
354Harris, BarryPreminado
355Adderley, Cannonball And The Poll Winners
356Various ArtistsNew Orleans: The Living Legends
357Various ArtistsNew Orleans: The Living Legends
358Jones, SamChant, The
359Serrano, PaulBlues Holiday
360Pike, DaveIt's Time For David Pike
361Jazz Five, TheHooter, The
362Montgomery Brothers Groove Yard
363Timmons, BobbyEasy Does It
364Barrett, Sweet Emma New Orleans: The Living Legends
365Thomas, KidNew Orleans: The Living Legends
366Feldman, VictorMerry Olde Soul
367Mitchell, BlueSmooth As The Wind
368Griffin, JohnnyChange Of Pace
369Robinson, JimNew Orleans: The Living Legends
370Pierce, Bill & Dede Pierce New Orleans: The Living Legends
371Jazz BrothersHey Baby!
372Heath, JimmyQuota, The
373Davis, EddieAfro-Jaws
374Cox, IdaBlues For Rampart Street
375Russell, GeorgeEzz-thetic
376Evans, BillSunday At The Village Vanguard 6/25/61
377Adderley, Cannonball African Waltz
378Humphrey, PercyNew Orleans: The Living Legends
379Bocage, PeterNew Orleans: The Living Legends
380Norris, Walter et al Trio, The
381Hope, ElmoHomecoming
382Montgomery, WesSo Much Guitar
383Morgan, DickSettlin' In
384Friedman, DonDay In The City, A
385Cottrell, LouisNew Orleans: The Living Legends
386Thomas, KidNew Orleans: The Living Legends
387Griffin, JohnnyWhite Gardenia
388Adderley, Cannonball Quintet Plus
389Various ArtistsChicago: The Living Legends
390Various ArtistsChicago: The Living Legends
391Timmons, BobbyIn Person
392Harris, BarryListen To Barry Harris
393Robinson, JimNew Orleans: The Living Legends
394Pierce, Bill & Dede Pierce New Orleans: The Living Legends
395Murphy, MarkRah
396JFK QuintetJazz Frontiers From Washington
397Riverside Jazz Stars Jazz Version Of Kean, A
398Hines, EarlMonday Date, A
399Evans, BillWaltz For Debby 6/25/61
400Heath, JimmyTriple Threat
401Armstrong, Lil
402Lewis, Meade LuxBlues Piano Artistry of, The
403Montgomery, Little Brother et al Chicago: The Living Legends
404Adderley, Cannonball In New York 1962
405Jazz BrothersSpring Fever
406Jackson, FranzChicago: The Living Legends
407Jackson, Milt & Wes Montgomery Bags Meets Wes
408Hope, ElmoHope-Full
409Jones, ElvinElvin!
410Montgomery, Little Brother Chicago: The Living Legends
411Jefferson, EddieLetter From Home
412Russell, GeorgeStratus Seekers, The
413Harris, BarryNewer Than New
414Mitchell, BlueSure Thing, A
415Cobb, JunieNew Hometown Band
416Adderley, Cannonball Greatest Hits
417OdettaOdetta And The Blues
418Hunter, AlbertaChicago: The Living Legends
419Dameron, TaddMagic Touch, The
420Griffin, JohnnyKerry Dancers, The
421Monk, TheloniousGreatest Hits
422Timmons, BobbySweet And Soulful Sounds
423Santamaria, Mongo Go Mongo
424JFK QuintetYoung Ideas
425Poole, BillieSermonette
426Wynn, AlbertChicago: The Living Legends
427Byrd, CharlieLatin Impressions
428Evans, BillMoonbeams
429Jackson, MiltBig Bags
430Edison, Harry & Eddie Davis Jawbreakers
431Friedman, DonCircle Waltz
432Jones, SamDown Home
433Adderley, Cannonball Know What I Mean
434Montgomery, WesFull House
435Harris, BarryChasin' The Bird
436Byrd, CharlieBossa Nova Passaros
437Griffin, JohnnyGrab This!
438Blakey, ArtCaravan
439Mitchell, BlueCup Bearers, The
440Russell, GeorgeOuter View, The
441Murphy, MarkThat's How I Love The Blues
442Smith, Johnny "Hammond" Black Coffee
443Monk, TheloniousIn Italy
444Adderley, Cannonball Jazz Workshop Revisited 9/62
445Evans, BillInterplay
446Jackson, MiltInvitation
447Mance, JuniorJunior Blues
448Byrd, CharlieByrd's Word
449Byrd, CharlieByrd In The Wind
450Byrd, CharlieMr. Guitar
451Byrd, CharlieGuitar Artistry Of Charlie Byrd, The
452Byrd, CharlieAt The Village Vanguard
453Byrd, CharlieBlues Sonata
454Byrd, CharlieOnce More: Bossa Nova
455Adderley, Cannonball With The Bossa Rio Sextet
456Lytle, JohnnyGot That Feeling
457Nistico, SalComin' On Up
458Poole, BillieConfessin' The Blues
459Montgomery, WesBoss Guitar
460Monk, TheloniousTwo Hours With Thelonious 1
461Monk, TheloniousTwo Hours With Thelonious 2
462Griffin, JohnnyDo Nothin' Till You Hear From Me
463Friedman, DonFlashback
464Blakey, ArtUgetsu 6/16/63
465Heath, JimmySwamp Seed
466Smith, Johnny "Hammond" Mr. Wonderful
467Byrd, CharlieByrd At The Gate 5/9-10/63
468Timmons, BobbyBorn To Be Blue
469Rodriguez, Willie Flatjacks
470Lytle, JohnnyHappy Ground
471Levitt, RodDynamic Sound Patterns, The
472Montgomery, WesFusion
473Evans, BillHow My Heart Sings
474Adderley, NatLittle Big Horn
475Ellington, Duke & Billy Strayhorn Great Times
476Webster, Ben & Joe Zawinul Soulmates
477Adderley, Cannonball Nippon Soul
478Jackson, MiltFor Someone I Love
479Griffin, JohnnyWade In The Water [Big Soul Band]
480Lytle, JohnnyVillage Caller!, The
481Byrd, CharlieByrd Song
482Smith, Johnny "Hammond" Open House
483Monk, TheloniousThelonious Monk Story 1
484Monk, TheloniousThelonious Monk Story 2
485Friedman, DonDreams And Explorations
486Heath, JimmyOn The Trail
487Evans, BillAt Shelly's Manne Hole
490Monk, TheloniousMonk & Coltrane
491Monk, TheloniousIn France
492Montgomery, WesPortrait Of Wes
493Blakey, ArtKyoto
494Montgomery, WesGuitar On The Go
495Jackson, MiltLive At The Village Gate
496Smith, Johnny "Hammond" Little Taste, A
498Byrd, CharlieSolo Flight
499Adderley, Cannonball Sextet Live In Belgium

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