Pablo Records Listing - Part IV

compiled by Michael Fitzgerald
January 27-July 3, 1998

This is not a catalog. This is a discographical tool for researchers. I have no idea how to obtain these records.

Thanks to contributors:

François Ziegler <>

Pablo Live
2620101Coltrane, John Afro-Blue Impressions (2-Lp)
2620102Hodges, Johnny Live At Berlin Sportspalast 1961 (2-Lp)
2620103Jackson, Milt Live At The Kosei Nenkin 1976
2620104Jazz At The Philharmonic In Tokyo, Live At The Nichigeki Theatre 1953
2620105(Various Artists) Montreux '77 The Jam Sessions
2620106(Various Artists) Montreux '77 The Art Of The Jam Session (8-Lp)
2620107(Various Artists) Montreux Collection 1977, The
2620108Williams, Mary Lou & Cecil Taylor Embraced
2620109Johnson, J.J. & Nat Adderley Yokohama Concert
2620111Peterson, Oscar London Concert, The
2620112Peterson, Oscar Paris Concert, The (2-Lp)
2620113Hubbard, Freddie Live At Northsea 1980 (2-Lp)
2620114Pass, JoeLive At Donte's
2620115Peterson, Oscar Live At Northsea Jazz Festival 1980
2620116Gillespie, Dizzy Plays And Raps In His Greatest Concert
2620117Jazz At The Philharmonic Return To Happiness, Tokyo 1983 (3-Lp)
2620118Peterson, Oscar At Zardi's
2620119Jazz At The Philharmonic London, 1969 (2-Lp)

2625701Jazz At The Philharmonic Jazz At The Santa Monica Civic 1972 (3-Lp)
2625702Peterson, Oscar History Of An Artist (2-Lp)
2625703Tatum, ArtComplete Solo Masterpieces
2625704Jazz At The Philharmonic Greatest Jazz Concert In The World, The
2625705Peterson, Oscar & Joe Pass At Salle Pleyel
2625706Tatum, ArtComplete Group Masterpieces
2625707(Various Artists) Montreux Collection 1975, The
2625708Gillespie, Dizzy Bahiana
2625711Peterson, Oscar In Russia
2625712MachitoMucho Macho
2630201Fitzgerald, Ella Ella Abraca Jobim
2640101Peterson, Oscar Freedom Songbook (2-Lp)
2640102Pass, JoeVirtuoso 4 (2-Lp)

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