Pablo Records Listing - Part II

compiled by Michael Fitzgerald
January 27, 1998-June 26, 1999

This is not a catalog. This is a discographical tool for researchers. I have no idea how to obtain these records.

Thanks to contributors:

François Ziegler <>

2310 Series

2310078(Various Artists) Pablo Jazz Sampler
2310179(Various Artists) Pablo Jazz Sampler, Vol. II
2310379(Various Artists) Pablo Records In-Store Sampler
2310479(Various Artists) Pablo Records In-Store Sampler
2310701Peterson, Oscar Trio, The
2310702Fitzgerald, Ella & Joe Pass Take Love Easy
2310703Ellington, Duke Duke's Big Four
2310704[NOT USED?]
2310705[NOT USED?]
2310706[NOT USED?]
2310707Hawkins, Coleman Sirius
2310708Pass, JoeVirtuoso
2310709Basie, Count & Joe Turner Bosses, The
2310710[NOT USED?]
2310711Fitzgerald, Ella Ella In London
2310712Basie, CountFor The First Time
2310713Jazz At The Philharmonic Stockholm, 1955
2310714Pass, Joe & Herb Ellis Two For The Road
2310715[NOT USED?]
2310716Pass, JoePortraits Of Duke Ellington
2310717Gillespie, Dizzy et al Trumpet Kings Meet Joe Turner, The
2310718Basie, CountBasie Jam
2310719Gillespie, Dizzy Big 4
2310720Tatum, ArtGroup Masterpieces
2310721Ellington, Duke & Ray Brown This One's For Blanton
2310722Basie, Count & Oscar Peterson Satch and Josh
2310723Tatum, ArtSolo Masterpieces 1
2310724Flanagan, Tommy Tokyo Recital, The
2310725[NOT USED?]
2310726[NOT USED?]
2310727[NOT USED?]
2310728[NOT USED?]
2310729Tatum, ArtSolo Masterpieces 2
2310730Tatum, ArtSolo Masterpieces 3
2310731Tatum, ArtGroup Masterpieces
2310732Tatum, ArtGroup Masterpieces 1
2310733Tatum, ArtGroup Masterpieces 2
2310734Tatum, ArtGroup Masterpieces
2310735Tatum, ArtGroup Masterpieces
2310736Tatum, ArtGroup Masterpieces
2310737Tatum, ArtGroup Masterpieces
2310738[NOT USED?]
2310739Peterson, Oscar & Roy Eldridge Oscar Peterson & Roy Eldridge
2310740Peterson, Oscar & Dizzy Gillespie Oscar Peterson And Dizzy Gillespie
2310741Peterson, Oscar & Harry Edison Oscar Peterson & Harry Edison
2310742Peterson, Oscar & Clark Terry Oscar Peterson And Clark Terry
2310743Peterson, Oscar & Jon Faddis Oscar Peterson & Jon Faddis
2310744Sims, ZootAnd The Gershwin Brothers
2310745Basie, Count & Zoot Sims Basie & Zoot
2310746Eldridge, Roy Happy Times
2310747Peterson, Oscar Big Six At Montreux '75
2310748Jazz At The Philharmonic Montreux '75
2310749Gillespie, Dizzy Montreux '75
2310750Basie, CountMontreux '75 Jam
2310751Fitzgerald, Ella Montreux '75
2310752Pass, JoeMontreux '75
2310753Jackson, Milt et al Montreux '75
2310754Gillespie, Dizzy et al Trumpet Kings at Montreux '75
2310755Bellson, Louis Explosion
2310756Basie, CountBasie Big Band, The
2310757Jackson, Milt Big Three, The
2310758[NOT USED?]
2310759Fitzgerald, Ella & Oscar Peterson Ella And Oscar
2310760Turner, Joe et al Nobody In Mind
2310761[NOT USED?]
2310762Ellington, Duke Ellington Suites, The
2310763Turner, JoeAnother Epoch - Stride Piano
2310764Bryant, RayHere's Ray Bryant
2310765Faddis, JonYoungblood
2310766Eldridge, Roy What It's All About
2310767Basie, CountI Told You So
2310768Carter, Benny King, The
2310769Longo, MikeTalk With The Spirits
2310770Sims, ZootPlays Soprano
2310771Gillespie, Dizzy & Machito Afro-Cuban Jazz Moods
2310772Fitzgerald, Ella & Joe Pass Fitzgerald And Pass…Again
2310773[NOT USED?]
2310774Jackson, Milt Feelings
2310775Tatum, ArtTatum-Hampton-Rich Again
2310776Turner, JoeIn The Evening
2310777Romao, Dom Um Hotmosphere
2310778Davis, EddieStraight Ahead
2310779Peterson, Oscar & Joe Pass Porgy And Bess
2310780Edison, Harry Edison's Lights
2310781Carter, Benny & Dizzy Gillespie Carter-Gillespie Inc.
2310782Gafa, AlLeblon Beach
2310783Sims, ZootHawthorne Nights
2310784Gillespie, Dizzy Dizzy's Party
2310785Da Costa, Paulinho Agora
2310786Basie, CountBasie Jam 2
2310787Ellington, Duke Intimate Ellington, The
2310788Pass, JoeVirtuoso 2
2310789Tatum, ArtSolo Masterpieces 4
2310790Tatum, ArtSolo Masterpieces 5
2310791Tatum, ArtSolo Masterpieces 6
2310792Tatum, ArtSolo Masterpieces 7
2310793Tatum, ArtSolo Masterpieces 8
2310794Gillespie, Dizzy Free Ride
2310795Pizzi, RayConception
2310796Peterson, Oscar Giants, The
2310797Basie, CountPrime Time
2310798Bryant, RaySolo Flight
2310799Jones, JoMain Man, The
2310800Turner, JoeThings That I Used To Do
2310801Newborn, Phineas jr Look Out! Phineas Is Back
2310802Basie, Count & Oscar Peterson Satch and Josh Again
2310803Sims, Zoot & Jimmy Rowles If I'm Lucky
2310804Jackson, Milt & Monty Alexander Soul Fusion
2310805Pass, JoeVirtuoso 3
2310806Edison, Harry & Eddie Davis Simply Sweets
2310807Bellson, Louie & Walfredo De Los Reyes Ecue Ritmos Cubanos
2310813Bellson, Louie Sunshine Rock
2310814Fitzgerald, Ella & Nelson Riddle Dream Dancing
2310815Ellington, Duke Up In Duke's Workshop
2310816Eldridge, Roy & Dizzy Gillespie Jazz Maturity…Where It's Coming From
2310817Peterson, Oscar Jousts
2310818Turner, JoeEveryday I Have The Blues
2310819Williams, Mary Lou My Mama Pinned A Rose On Me
2310820Bryant, RayAll Blues
2310821Vaughan, Sarah How Long Has This Been Going On?
2310822Jackson, Milt & Count Basie Big Band, The 1
2310823Jackson, Milt & Count Basie Big Band, The 2
2310824Pass, Joe & Paulinho Da Costa Tudo Bem!
2310825Fitzgerald, Ella Lady Time
2310826Alexander, Monty Jamento
2310829Fitzgerald, Ella Fine And Mellow
2310830Pass, Joe & Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen Chops
2310831Sims, Zoot & Jimmy Rowles Warm Tenor
2310832Jackson, Milt Soul Believer
2310833Basie, Count & Dizzy Gillespie Gifted Ones, The
2310834Bellson, Louie Matterhorn (Drum Explosion)
2310836Alexander, Monty In Tokyo
2310837Pass, Joe et al Quadrant
2310838Bellson, Louie & Blue Mitchell Jam
2310839Tatum, ArtSolo Masterpieces 9
2310840Basie, CountBasie Jam 3
2310841Sims, Zoot & Harry Edison Just Friends
2310842Jackson, Milt Bags' Bag
2310843Basie, Count & Oscar Peterson Night Rider
2310844Turner, JoeMidnight Special, The
2310845Ellington, Duke Best Of
2310846Bryant, RayBest Of
2310847Edison, Harry Best Of
2310848Turner, JoeBest Of
2310850Sims, ZootBest Of
2310851Bellson, Louie Best Of
2310852Basie, CountBest Of
2310853Carter, Benny Best Of
2310854Flanagan, Tommy Best Of
2310855Gillespie, Dizzy Best Of
2310856Williams, Mary Lou Best Of
2310857Eldridge, Roy Best Of
2310858Davis, EddieBest Of
2310859Basie, CountKansas City Shout
2310860Bryant, RayPotpourri
2310861Sims, ZootSwinger, The
2310863Turner, JoeHave No Fear, Joe Turner Is Here
2310864Tatum, ArtSolo Masterpieces 11
2310865Pass, JoeCheckmate
2310866Vinson, Eddie I Want A Little Girl
2310867Jackson, Milt Big Mouth
2310868Sims, ZootI Wish I Were Twins
2310869Eldridge, Roy Little Jazz And The Jimmy Ryan All-Stars
2310871Basie, CountKansas City 6
2310872Sims, ZootInnocent Years, The
2310873Jackson, Milt Ain't But A Few Of Us Left
2310874Basie, CountFarmer's Market Barbecue
2310876Hubbard, Freddie & Oscar Peterson Face To Face
2310877Pass, JoeEximious
2310878Basie, CountKansas City 3 For The Second Time
2310879Sims, Zoot & Joe Pass Blues For Two
2310880Bellson, Louie London Gig, The
2310881Peterson, Oscar & Milt Jackson Two Of The Few
2310882Jazz At The Philharmonic JATP 1983
2310883Turner, JoeLife Ain't Easy
2310885Vaughan, Sarah
2310888Fitzgerald, Ella & Joe Pass Speak Love
2310889Gillespie, Dizzy & Arturo Sandoval To A Finland Station
2310890(Various Artists) Jazz Dance
2310891Basie, CountMe And You
2310892Distel, Sacha My Guitar And All That Jazz
2310894Orsted Pedersen, Niels Henning Viking, The
2310895Peterson, Oscar History Of An Artist 2
2310896Basie, Count & Oscar Peterson Timekeepers, The
2310897Jackson, Milt et al Jackson, Johnson, Brown & Company
2310898Sims, ZootSuddenly It's Spring
2310899Bellson, Louie Cool, Cool Blue
2310900Jackson, Milt Soul Route
2310901Basie, Count88 Basie Street
2310902Peterson, Oscar Tribute To My Friends, A
2310903Sims, ZootQuietly There
2310904Turner, JoeKansas City Here I Come
2310905Foster, Frank & Frank Wess Two For The Blues
2310906DeFranco, Buddy Mr. Clarinet
2310907Grappelli, Stephane & Stuff Smith Violins No End
2310908Basie, CountKansas City 7
2310909Jackson, Milt It Don't Mean A Thing If You Can't Tap Your Foot To It
2310910Pedersen, Niels & Joe Pass Eternal Traveler, The
2310911Johnson, J.J. & Joe Pass We'll Be Together Again
2310912Pass, JoeWhitestone
2310913Turner, Joe & Jimmy Witherspoon Patcha, Patcha All Night Long
2310915DeFranco, Buddy & Oscar Peterson Hark
2310916Jackson, Milt Brother Jim
2310917Modern Jazz Quartet Topsy…This One's For Basie
2310918Peterson, Oscar If You Could See Me Now
2310919Basie, CountMostly Blues and Some Others
2310920Basie, CountFancy Pants
2310921Fitzgerald, Ella & Joe Pass Easy Living
2310922Carter, Benny Wonderland
2310923Basie, Count & Oscar Peterson Yessir, That's My Baby
2310924Basie, CountGet Together
2310925Basie, CountBasie and Friends
2310926Carter, Benny & Oscar Peterson Benny Carter Meets Oscar Peterson
2310927Peterson, Oscar With Harry Edison And Eddie Vinson
2310928Eldridge, Roy & Count Basie Loose Walk
2310929Criss, Sonny & Kenny Clarke Intermission Riff
2310930Peagler, Curtis I'll Be Around
2310931Pass, JoeBlues For Fred
2310932Jackson, Milt London Bridge, A
2310933Hawkins, Coleman Bean Stalkin'
2310934Edison, Harry For My Pals
2310935Carter, Benny My Kind Of Trouble
2310936Pass, JoeOne For My Baby
2310937Turner, Joe & Count Basie Flip, Flop And Fly
2310938Fitzgerald, Ella All That Jazz
2310939Pass, JoeSummer Nights
2310940Peterson, Oscar Live
2310941Armstrong, Louis Mack The Knife
2310942Sims, ZootFor Lady Day
2310943Turner, JoeStormy Monday
2310944Jackson, Milt Mostly Duke
2310945Basie, CountFun Time
2310946Pass, JoeAppassionato
2310947Peterson, Oscar Time After Time
2310948Pass, JoeVirtuoso Live!
2310949Afiff, RonRon Affif
2310950O'Day, AnitaRules Of The Road
2310951Pass, JoeQuartet Live At Yoshi's
2310953Sims, ZootOn The Corner
2310954Afiff, RonVierd Blues
2310955Pass, JoeSongs For Ellen
2310956Pisano, JohnAmong Friends
2310957Pepper, Art & Zoot Sims Art 'n Zoot
2310958Affif, Ron52nd Street
2310959Pass, Joe & John Pisano Duets
2310960Fitzgerald, Ella Bluella: Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Blues
2310961Pass, JoeNuages - Live At Yoshi's Vol. 2

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